Luverly :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/08

It's a lovely song. At first I didn't care for it much, with the excuse that it's "too slow". But after I listened to it again, and listened to it carefully, I fell in love. Well, it IS Muse. Their works are genius :)

Blackout | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/8/07

wow. i love MUSE and all of their music, but this is something else. it's beautiful, of course. that much is easy to see. it's very different from some of their other songs, and i simply dream of seeing them in concert. captivating lyrics and haunting melody make this one amazing song.

This one's from another world | Reviewer: Mario | 10/10/07

I found out about Muse almost two years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. This song simply stands out. Most songs by Muse are great the least, but this one differs because it's so slow... It's ridiculously slow, sad, passionate, melodic and flawless. It's so calming and takes you to another world.. I can't explain it! Definitely worth listening to, more than any other song in the world. Seriously..

Totally ethereal | Reviewer: Nightshayde | 9/26/07

This is the only song that makes me cry because it's pretty, not because it's sad. The vocals are simply amazing. It's a huge difference from my normal listening habits, but I love it so much I don't care. Definitely a song worth listening to.

divine | Reviewer: alva | 8/5/07

This song is a divine like all songs from this BEST band of the world ever!!!! Thank you Muse guys, u make my happy. Cand whait to have them in Iceland :) :) :)

meh | Reviewer: elena | 7/13/07

hmmm silly review title methinks, cos this song is anything but meh! my godfather got me into muse and this is so my favourite song its just so ridiculously beautiful and lyrical and absolutely amazing. this song single handedly got me out of my 70s metal phase where i thought all modern music had gone to the dogs, but obviously hasn't when you find something like blackout

Blackout | Reviewer: Rhys | 4/30/07

I first heard the song "Blackout" in the fairly mediocre film "Millions". However, in the context of this filmscene (where fate meets realising unfortunate truth) this song, (which btw happens to follow Hysteria by Muse in the film *neato*) plays out the amazing tragedy of a young saint unwillfully losing his faith in God. I found it even more moving when i bought the album, Absolution. Beutiful song, 9.99999/10

PERFECT | Reviewer: MISAEL | 2/21/07

what a great song, the feeling, the voice, the melody, it is absolutly amazing. Muse is one the greatest bands in the all world and i can´t wait to see them here in mexico for the very first time

New Listener | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/04

I'd never even heard of Muse before, unitl my cousin asked my to get a couple of songs for her, blackout being one of them. I got it, listened...and was taken away to another place. it's simply amazing, haunting and flowing, its magical. The lyrics are so intiguing and its all so new for me, i love it.

Blackout review | Reviewer: Liz | 7/5/04

Blackout is a song on the latter part of the Absolution album,and if you're anything like me, you play your favourites a lot and the others, less so. Anyway, I went to see Muse at Birmingham last year, and they were as mind blowing as expected of course, Matt being ace all over the place, etc etc...anyway at one point there came this slow haunting melody, and I ceased my excessive jumping :) and shouted in my brothers ear, "whats this one?". He yelled "Blackout". I was blown away. I love this song, the emotion in the vocal, and the build up toward the end, excellent.