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MuDVaYnE RoCk | Reviewer: steve | 11/5/06

i believe that lost and found is a softer album then the rest but doenst meen theyve sold out it just means that theyve changed..theyve changed everytime a new album of theres come out and believe thats what makes them signifficant.. i can relate to alot of there songs.


can't describe | Reviewer: Hally | 3/28/06

Really who could describe how good this band is and im with the anonymous reviewer i will hunt you down and kill you if you dont like them like C'mon have you read there biography on what they have achieved in "3 years"?
I just wanna know now why aren't they publicised, they pulicise crap bands and singers like F**k off with that S**t and bring on MUDVAYNE.

Mudvayne Kick Ass | Reviewer: BoLaNd FaN | 3/4/06

ive been into mudvayne ever since ld50 i love all their songs and think they can only get better my favourite song will always be DIG ive never ever heard a song better

If you don't like them, I will find you and kill you in you sleep! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/06

I don't understand how anybody couldn't like Mudvayne. They are so diverse that no matter what kind of music you like, you have to like at least one of their songs. I have all of their CDs and listen to them everyday. It is very sad that some people who liked their old, harder stuff think that they "sold out" by making Lost and Found. I personally think that Lost and Found is one of their best, because they took the makeup off, not because they had "sold out" but because they wanted to show that they weren't hiding anything from anybody. I think that Lost and Found is not meant to just be a "softer" album, but that it is a more intimate and straight forward with its messages. I also love how they don't tell everybody what exactly every song is about. I think it is great that they leave the fans to decipher that for themselves, and I can relate and have my own meanings to every one of their songs. What can I say, they wake me up in the morning and keep me going all day long, then at the end of the day make me "fall into sleep".

Must Read | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/05

MuDvAyNe is one of my favorite bands .i have all there cds including The Beggining of All Things to End . mudvayne is a band that i think most people would like . With songs like -1 ,(TELL ME!!what i'm suposed to be . TELL ME!! who i'm supposed to be .TELL ME!! wat it takes to ascend .TELL ME!! wat it takes to live .) that describe most people why wouldnt people like them ?
i listen to American Tragedy , Green Day , Evanescence , Seether , My Chemical Romance , Pantera , Slipknot , and all those other bands im to lazy to type out and mv is in a little way like all of them . LISTEN TO MUDVAYNE!!!!

awesome | Reviewer: grugiced | 5/21/05

what can I say, these guys rule. no madder what kind of rock your into, they have a nice melody in most of their songs, and everyone should take a shine to whether you like metal or "lighter" rock. the songs are catchy but not forgettable like say every band you see on tv. these guys have been underestimated by the masses, it's a shame really, but then again, it's been awhile since good music has come around.

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