*wicked*solid*underworld* | Reviewer: zhi_ren | 5/15/10

I cant imagine how they went about writing this song
riffs are so mean, its wicked with the bass...
saw it live, had no idea what or who the mudvayne stigma was about,
but reading this i like them even more.... props to the VayneGein...
this song is an ode to the type of people i hate, cause i can never be .... in a soiled world... its borderline contradiction rock out ! ! ! riff man

Amazing | Reviewer: Adrian | 9/4/09

I wrote a few papers on Ed Gein once and this song hit me hard. Once you know who Ed Gein is what what he's done, these lyrics blow you away. This is an amazing song, and the chorus delivers the concept very powerfully. A must-have for Mudvayne fans, and even more of a must-have for Mudvayne fans who know who Ed Gein is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Gein