Demi-Vitoria | Reviewer: DenZel27 | 11/29/11

Is absolutely right.... Watch the Vevo version... It would not be censored if it were "you look like fun". Patrick.... I can definitely hear it that way if I let my mind bend a little but your lyrics are incorrect!.

Listen to it live. | Reviewer: Cody | 9/2/11

If you all watch the song live on youtube Chad clearly says "get on the plank fuck." He wouldn't say that if that isnt what he says in the song. Just saying. I'm glad they fixed it though. :D ROCK ON!!!!

It wouldn't be censored in the music video... | Reviewer: Demi-Vitoria | 4/26/11

if that line didn't say "fuck" in there somewhere. Look at the official Youtube music video, listen to it - that line is censored. If it was "you look like fun", it wouldn't be. I'm not saying "you're the blind fuck" or whatever, but "fuck" is definitely in there

T'is right | Reviewer: Kyle | 3/10/11

Those lyrics are right Patrick is infact correct, I slowed down numerous audio files of this song, including live recordings and CD sets, and I hear "You Look Like Fun" T'is legit fucking amazing pissed off song, great lyrics too :)

Correct Lyric | Reviewer: Patrick | 10/20/10

You guys are wrong, it's not "Get on the Plank Fuck" or "You're the Blind fuck" its "You look like fun"
Open the song in a program like audacity and clip the rest of the song to where its that part. If you slow it down or just listen to it as is, it's obvious.

wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/10

ok, well it deffinatlly is 'get on the plank..fuck' bc right before that it says 'let me help you chain the weights onto your legs'. it just makes sense and if you actually listen to the song you'd hear it. but i'm not trying to be a dick, just letting you know. mudvayne is amazing :D

....lyrics? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/09

Dude im pretty sure its "get on the plank fuck".. Im just not hearin any of the other stuff youre sayin.. Idk, just my opinion.

This song kicks some major ass for sure. I only like mudvaynes old stuff tho cuz its insane. The newer stuff just isnt.. Crazy enough lol

Your all wrong. | Reviewer: Russell | 8/12/09

The lyrics(all of them) are right. If you slow down the song and take every thing but the lyrics out it comes out as "YOUR THE BLIND FUCK!" and if you listen to the hole none slowed down part about 10 times with it near your ear(like in it) it starts to sound like "YOUR THE BLOODY FUCK!" and if you do that 10 more times you get the "YOUR THE BLIND FUCK!". And if you think I'm wrong consult the tabliture + Lyrics books they sell at all major Guitar Stores or in catologs, or the live shit cause the lead singer can't sing to good any more live he has to slow it down a little and talk a more normal less scratchy way in certin parts(that part everyone argues about). I also sing this song a lot, helps teach yourself how to sing faster if you do it enough.

Sam is wrong. | Reviewer: Laura | 2/17/09

Acutally, after reviewing the song and the reviews, I believe that Sam is wrong and that Jake is right.
I think that it's "Cue the blindfold". That, to me, makes more sense than the currently posted lyrics and whatever Sam said.
But enough about them.
The song is a good "mad" song. Like, if you just want to rock out and go crazy. It gets me pumped up. To each his own, though.

wrong lyric | Reviewer: sam | 12/14/08

I believe jake and the currently posted lyrics were wrong... i've been to numerous sites for Dig-MuDvAyNe lyrics... After the interlude/ bridge right before the third chorus the lyrics are supposed to read (get on the plank... FUCK!)