wrong lyric | Reviewer: jake | 3/28/07

its not "Get on the Plank."
Its Quece the Blindfold.

I cant spell quece but its pronounced "Q"

luv mudvayne | Reviewer: tina | 2/4/06

First of all i love the band sooooooo much. They fuckin kick ass, i seen them at ozzfest of 2005 and let me just say the rocked the whoke fuckin place. I am going to see them again come 2/28/06 in sacramento I can hardly wait. Now, about "DIG", the song totally rocks, that whole album rocks and so does "The End Of All Things To Come" as well as their new shit "Lost And Found" I own all of their CDs and I fell in love with them when I first herd them back in 99/00. Basicaly Mudvayne ROCKS MY FUCKIN WORLD.