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Performed by Motorhead

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Eyes | Reviewer: craig | 11/12/08

I believe those who have a tendency to perpetrate crimes on the extreme side would interpret "Ace of Spades" differently... and it's not about cards games.

"I've got something to say... It's better to burn out than to fade away!" Quote; The Highlander, Neil Young and/or Kurt Cobain

I Love This SONG | Reviewer: Shaquan | 12/16/07

1. when I use to play tony hawk...(i forgot the rest of the name)PS1 this song was one of my fav to skate to.
2. two or my friends on myspace names are Ace of Spades.
3.I just tried playing on GamesX...Guitar Hero Online and it was familiar to me, but I did better then I would of done if I knew the song by heart.

Gr8 Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

I can't beleive how good this song is!!! It's so great its makes me go mad with excitment!!!! I've seen motorhead 3 times now n will do anything to see them again!!!

totalpinup | Reviewer: coteboy | 11/17/07

shit man...I 've listened to this piece of art recently, always heard the name 'motorhead' but after listening to this song I am a new person....
great song ....great band ..... the drummer inspires me strength, rock and madness.... way to go......and I'm a drummer too.....

TRUCO!!! an argentinian game | Reviewer: TANO | 10/26/07

This song is about truco, a clasic card game in argentina... you must remember that Pappo (legendary blues and heavy metal guitar player from argentina) was the 1st guitar in the early days of mötorhead. Now you know it

sorry, but my english is bad, but u understeand me

poker | Reviewer: gambler | 10/20/07

i always listen to this song when playing poker. It prevents me from going tilt after bad beats ^^

Dead Mans Hand | Reviewer: Aces & Eights | 10/21/07

The lyric is ante, not entity. An ante is a forced bet to increase the size of the pot, not like a blind. He's makin' the other fella pay to see his cards, and he knows he's got the nuts...The Ace of Spades !!

rock the fuck out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/07

this song is most beautiful... in a pumelling type of way makes me want to brutilize things....

Our song | Reviewer: motorhead | 7/3/07

this is our song and we like it! you all enjoi the song, and always expect the ace of spades when you're gamblin'

Motorhead | Reviewer: Queen of the Rodeo | 6/7/07

Motorhead rule seen them twice - that's the way I like it baby I don't wanna live forever!!!!

Spades is ACE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/07

and think how old this song is? Older than most the people who listen to it i'm willing to bet!

OMFG! | Reviewer: Vermes | 2/3/07

Thi song rules over all others.Best ever. I hear it and I just shake all over, maniacally. And don't forget the joker!

Ace Of Spades | Reviewer: Maria | 9/13/06

Oh, my gosh! i LOVE this song. I t makes me wanna jump up and down.

PLAY THE TH PS 3 FOR THIS SONG!!!! | Reviewer: Heavy Fuel | 2/15/05

This song is what they got in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. It's actully really
good. It makes you want to play over n over agian.

MOTORHEAD | Reviewer: alex | 8/11/04

this is the best song makes you want to gamble and drink

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