to the guy who thi.ks dave mustaine is a better guitarest than mick mars | Reviewer: nate | 9/11/13

Ive seen megadeath W mustaine open for motley and megadeath
And mustaine sucked crue kicked always
And mick can play like no other.his style is rock
Kick your ass with a deep blues influence.
Mick inspires me as a fellow guitarist and
Nikki as a lyricist.fuck the rest crue heads are best

Mic mars | Reviewer: Penis wrinkle | 1/3/13

Ummmm no Mic Mars is a great guitar player in the heavy metal sense since that's the sound I think he's going for and the band is also one of my favs but Mic Mars is not the best there is out there, maybe the best fit for motley crue but not the best. Dave Mustaine is by far better then Mic Mars, Chris Broderick is better then Dave. But anyways just thought I'd throw that out there.

So Motley Crue | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/10

I was in Las Vegas last month and i was flipping though the channels and thee on the t.v. is Vince Niel and he's talking about how he's been sober for 20 years...and im thinking good for you bro....then two days later I get home and all there talking about on the radio is how Vince got a dwi in Vegas....Motley Crue is def. someone you would want to hang out with and there music is badass, but you wouldnt want to leave you sister, daughter, mother, wife, or girlfriend in the same room with them.

most awesome band ever..........!!!!! | Reviewer: mark franzen | 1/15/10

I first listened to these guys in 1983 , when the shout at the devil album came out...i was in my friends car cruising and he put it in the tape-deck and from that day till today have a great desire for motley crue music!!!!!! i seen them in concert soon after , 1994 in wisconsins was the girls,girls,girls tour and the bad habits were up on the marshall stacks shaking everything imaginable!!!! "WOW" what a concert(im in the s.o.s. video) and love that i made it on thier video!!!!!!! i have recently moved to west palm beach , fla. and was at the grand opening of Dr.Feelgoods!!! i met vince for one second, and wish i could tell him my story....i also had nikki as a friend on my-space a few years ago, when he quit smoking supposidily...anyway will LOVE them till the day i die!!!!!!!!! i also have a tatoo of the two masks happy/sad....never stop rocking boys!!!!! love ya always , 1# FAN , MARK FRANZEN!

Motley Crue: Rock Legends | Reviewer: Daniel Dominguez | 8/8/09

They were one of the first rock acts to really make a big impression on me. The Crue stood apart from a lot of the crap that made up the glam scene "THEY WERE FOR REAL". Mick Mars's riffs just hit you in the gut in a way that still reminds you that heaviness is still a craft that only a very select few have accomplished so well; the Crue certainly did. They where also great composers and songwriters. Even though I love the rockers their power ballad "Home Sweet Home" is one my all time favorite songs and the dramatic Kick ass guitar solo is out there with some of the best leads ever recorded. Long live the Crue!!!!!!!!!

I love Motley Crue | Reviewer: Angie | 6/18/09

I'm a huge fan! All their songs rock! Nikki Sixx is an amazing Bassist, and Mick Mars is fuckin amazing! I hope that someday i can be as hardcore as them. They're my inspiration for why i play guitar! i wish i was alive in the 80's too see them live or something! That'd be fuckin cool! I hope someday i'll see them live, but they're gettin pretty old.. lol. Motley crue forever man!

Mick Mars | Reviewer: Brandon Cupps | 4/13/09

Mick Mars is the only good guitarist in the world He dominates every other guitarist. Vince Neils vocals kick ass. Nikki Sixx Bass is bad ass. Tommy Lee on drums is godly. I have started a motley crue tribute band to them i live in mississippi email me if you play bass or drums i am 15 but all i listen to is motley crue my hair looks just like vince neil's for 1983 shout at the devil extensions platinum blonde motley crue is kick ass best ever

Im loving motley crue | Reviewer: alanna | 10/2/08

My mate got into listening motley crue and ever since i have listened to them i think they are a true band for rock n roll in the 80's. My favourite song is starry eyes and girls girls girls they are one of my favourite songs out of the band. I love them i wuld do anything if they were to come back again!!! Alanna xxxx

the crue kicks ass | Reviewer: bra ndon meeks | 9/11/08

i have been listening to motley crue for about a year. since then i have wanted to start a band and if i do or when i do it will be because of the influence of Motley Crue.they are the graetest band i have ever listened to in my 16 years of life i hope they keep rockin for ever.

80's at its best | Reviewer: John | 4/14/08

I bought shout at the devil when it came out and have never looked back Motley Crue just keep the blood pumping rock coming. Now in 2008 I watch strippers dance to girl,girls,girls / wildside/Teaser/Looks that kill. once you get addicted to the Crue your in it for life ROCK ON!

motely crew rocks! | Reviewer: Oshlee Wannell | 2/26/08

I love motley crew!
they are the best band ever
dr.feelgood is the best song in the world, its the only song i have but its the best song in the world!!!!!!!!!!

I love nicky 6! and tommy leigh! and vinse neal! and mikey mars!

Motley Crue Rules!! | Reviewer: Ernesto Solis | 9/19/07

26 years of american hard Rock!! I been in several concerts and i would see them again and again...The best band in the world!! Keep rockin hard!

MOTLEY RULES! | Reviewer: R.A.S | 5/15/07

I'm glad to see some of the new kids noticing good tunes, i been listing to the Crue for 20 years and still only listen to the 80's 90's hair band music and still have my long ass hair too! keeps ya young I'm 41 and still get carded for smokes and my wife is 24. keep it rockin

motley crue the chet rokking to they die | Reviewer: allan | 4/9/07

the best song is dr.fellgood no doubt motley crue bithces

Motley Crue Kicks Ass! | Reviewer: Nicole (Nikki) | 3/24/06

The Crue is a timeless kick butt hard core rock band. Nikki Six (the guitar player with the sexy eyes and great smile)once said in an interview that he didn't know how they made it thru the 80's. I do, they played kick ass crank up the volume, tune out the world, and get wild music! Their songs will be played for years and years. I know I'll keep listening. Their recent video for the 'If I Die Tomorrow' song is great. It's good to see them all together again. You might want to also check out Tommy Lee's video 'Good Times'. It's a kick back and have a "good time" video. KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!!!