Rock out the Crue | Reviewer: Rocker_21 | 10/6/13

From all the songs that Motley Crue did they seemed to have made every one count but sadley pretty soon the Crue is retiring, on sep. 9,2014 the Crue is having their lask concert in Boston i think, this last concert is going to be specially made for Crue lovers it is a fare well concert so after that very last concert there will be no more Motley Crue but even though their gonna be gone we will still remember and treasure them weather its by their songs or past concerts, so to make a long speech short i think that its important to keep up with the crue pride, to remember and treasure them for as long as you can. Motley Crue, FOREVER

THE CRUE | Reviewer: lou | 7/10/09

Motley crue are probly the best and most bad ass band ive ever heard in my life!!! IM a diehard metal fan and love anything from pink floyd to kaimara but the crue defenently have something about them that makes them the best rock band EVER!!!!!!

kickstart my heart =] | Reviewer: sexi_sixx_love44 | 8/25/08

Ilove this song and all motley crue songs..yes i am alittle young to even know who motley crue is im 14.nikki sixx and mick mars are my FAVORITE and every time i hear motley crue it takes me back to july 15 2008 when i went to see them at crue fest..loved it =] thet ROCK and they are my #1 BAND OF ALL TIMES! =]