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Motion City Soundtrack is GENIUS | Reviewer: Crystal | 7/1/10

Motion City Soundtrack is pure Genius! I've known of them for a little over a year, but didn't really get hooked onto them until I heard "Her Words Destroyed My Planet". After that I became addicted and they knocked down Rascal Flatts from my "Favorite Band" list. Hahaha! I hope to see you guys this weekend in Dallas at Vans Warp Tour! Good luck! As if you need it ^_^!

MCS are AWESOME | Reviewer: Elo | 2/19/10

motion city soundtrack rock my world! i could never imagine another great band like this guys are so talented so unique..please dont ever break the band up coz you guys are awesome (all time favourite band) keep it rockin' <3 Eloise.

People who know | Reviewer: Gaby Jacobs | 11/1/09

I have loved you all from the very start. You are my all time forever favorite band. I just love it when people who know write music that makes other people who know not feel so alone. I think that the great thing about your music is that even people who don't know can enjoy it but people who do know FEEL it. Keep on keepin' on. Respect.

amazing | Reviewer: Lissa King | 10/31/08

i think that your guys music is amazing. You are my favirite band. i think that your lyrics are jenious, and there is just one thing i would like to know. It is were to you get your insperation form for you songs and there tittles.

MCS FUGGIN ROCKS | Reviewer: Balley Fontain | 5/9/08

i absolutely adore Motion City Soundtrack...they have to most amazingest catchy songs ever in the world...they are my favorite band...i love the songs the Conversation and The Future Freaks Me Out...i think they ROCk and i love them...and i hope they keep doing what there i can love them forever! ♥ Balley Fontain ♥

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