Troy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

You guys are so inspiring. And this song really expresses the way someone feels, well good job with the song MCS.

Lyrically amazing | Reviewer: Shawn | 5/6/07

If I could ever repay you I would but I'm hard up for cash,
And my memory lacks initiative.
Goddamn the liquor store's closed.
We're so close to scoring.
It hurts, it destroys, 'till it kills.
I am tired and hungry and totally useless.


love this song | Reviewer: Ashlyn | 4/30/07

omg this so is so great i cant even explain how great i espically love the part when
Let me in to the club.
Cause I wanna belong,
And I need to get strong.

Love it! | Reviewer: Remy Lanslots | 4/30/07

I love this song. The text is so well-written. Keep 'em coming, MCS!

Hit! | Reviewer: carolinee | 4/21/07

This song is amazing, I think basically everyone can relate to aleast one part of this song. Don't be fooled by the profanity, it isn't overused; and it's definately necessary to get across the message that they're trying to get across. The Motion City Soundtrack always has not only excellent melodies, but excellent lyrics.

This song is great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/07

this is an amazing song. MCS is the best band ever. i love them.. so much.. there great..

Let's Get Fucked up And Die!!
It's great.. and all true..

sexyhottalishes | Reviewer: gbaby | 2/18/07

pretty awesome song! people can relate to it! well I no I can! one of favorite songs! my favorite line is
I wanna know what it's like to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent.
I wanna know how it feels to be useful and pertinent and have common sense
I love justin's voice!

omg | Reviewer: francisco pizana | 2/21/07

i freakin love this describes what i feel but yet they can explain it better than i can.i love motion city guys rock!!!

Figuratively best | Reviewer: Dark Fade | 1/2/07

The only words capable of describing this song are all suoerlatives, and they don't come close enough. And who said that good songs should have simple lyrics?

Simply amazing! | Reviewer: Danny Thwaite | 9/27/06

ok im quite new to this band, but this song is awesome! i absaloutely love it!