L.G. faud | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/07

haha, lets get fucked up and die is basically the name of the song. i mean, that is what lg faud stands for.

Glastonbury | Reviewer: alli Brounley | 7/15/07

the song is called L.G. faud...geez if ur gunna say ur fans of MCS, at least know the name of the song your pretending to know. haha wowwww

Love it. | Reviewer: Adrianna | 7/4/07

this is one of my favorite songs.
motion city soundtrack is the best.
and this song is a song people can relate to.

. | Reviewer: tee | 6/29/07

does anyone really even listen to the words.
every thinks its such a great point that there trying to get across . but what is the point that there really trying to get across ?

yeah.... | Reviewer: Jenee | 7/1/07

I like the song....alot.....I just have to say that all the comments before this one I read, you guys really need to learn to spell, and put the right words there....all I have to say.

Well done! | Reviewer: Jackson | 6/27/07

This song has some of the most deep lyrics I have ever heard, it realy makes you think. Being a insucure preson this song gives me great pleasure to listen to.

Every time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

Every time w drink we listen to this song. It's not just a song, it's a tradition.

Who wants to get f.u.a.d. with me tonight?

drunk anorexic | Reviewer: jess | 6/9/07

Well me and my friend are drunk in my tent in my backyard right now. We both are anorexics and we know this song is based on drinking problems but it still deals with addictions....the lyrics deffinitly hit home.

good song | Reviewer: cait | 5/30/07

my friend went to warped tour last year and came back with this song stuck in her head. I just had to hear it!! i usually don't like alternative bands but i love motioncity soundtrack!!

Agreed. | Reviewer: One Two Three | 5/21/07

I agree with all the reviewers from before.
Brilliantly written.
Brilliantly produced.
Brilliantly ... sung?
Whatever. One thing's f'sho.
They are plainly[scratch that. They're radically] stellar.