Mos Def | Reviewer: Donna | 1/18/10

As a "hip hop" artist , Mos Def's lyrics are powerful! I appreciate Def and I am thankful to be able to listen and learn from his lyrics.
"Umi" is one of my favorite songs out of many from Def, it has really inspired me to shine my light on this world now! because life is not promised.

peace & blessing to this talented brotha! I Thank God for you.

mos def is cold | Reviewer: nini | 5/18/07

mos def lyricly is so cold i mean to put the words together like he does and talks about all the stuggles and real things that happen in life not just the nice cars and sexy women shakin they a**

your music motivates us | Reviewer: kanyane AKA juiceman | 5/14/07

i would have to say that "Travelling man" does it for me since i can relate it to so many situations happening in my life right now, i mean i'm a varsity student more than a 1000km away from home but "God willing i will be back home" with a diploma and improve my standard of living. Keep it up brother!!

REAL MC | Reviewer: angelace | 10/31/06

Mos Def is an original with his own style and flow. Brilliant lyrics, and makes you think, makes you wanna take charge and get in the fight for the struggle. His best is maybe Black on Both Sides but New Danger is not lacking that much either. Blackstar is a terrific duo of logic and lyrics, Talib Kweli complements his flow and Mos Def Kweli's, together they are like peanut butter and jelly.

mos def | Reviewer: Mike | 4/23/06

One of the few mc's out there today that actually speaks in his songs...definetly worth listening to his songs (definition, thieves in the night, respiration, astronomy, brooklyn, etc) if you like real music with real, thought-inspiring lyrics instead of hearing 50 cent repeating three lines about a candy shop for three and a half minutes straight...

mos | Reviewer: Estesee | 10/18/04

Mos Def is the greatest rap artist to ever set foot on this earth. His rhymes are pure, talented, and REAL. By far, he is the most talented rapper of all time, and no one can compare to him. Greatest song: Theives in the night.

listen to that sh!t. peace