life saver | Reviewer: DarylB | 3/15/13

I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident which left me in a coma and bed ridden for close to 2 years. It was Morrissey alone and then with the Smiths who inspired me to get up and push on. His wonderful use of the English language in music amazed me. My Hero. Would love to meet him if only just once.

Morrissey the ONLY love of my life. | Reviewer: Anne | 7/7/09

I see there is a typo, Morrissey was born in 59. He's the only thing that I truely love in life. I listen to his music everyday. I really can't put it in words what he means to me. my dream is to meet this wonderful man! He's like a god to me. I love you Moz more than life and so do many other fans!

genius | Reviewer: DJ Stormy | 3/30/09

Morrissey is an amazing and talented artist... With his old band The Smiths and solo his lyrics are so witty and true and his voice and music intoxicating... thank you for the inspiration and ear medicine. much love from Texas

its real.... | Reviewer: Richard IV | 12/14/08

the lyrics ,the voice and the blending of the voice of morrissey passing through my bain.he brings me to the real beat of my world.your the best for me ....foreva...! ! ! we have a lot of groups here in the philippines loves you and want to see ya....godbless " M ".

The Music man | Reviewer: M.S. | 3/18/08

In life there are very few people who make a giant impact on something, Morrissey is one of those people, his genious will live on for an eternity and i will never forget what Morrissey has shown me through his music

Morrissey, its genius! | Reviewer: Mozportugal | 9/9/07

Like Charlie Chaplin has made in the movies, Morrissey does it with his lyrics.These genius people tell their lifes through movies and music.

the best.. | Reviewer: mick | 3/13/07

Morrisssey is to lyrics and songwriting what Da Vinci is to art.He is the only artist who says life as it is,crap sometimes,not a bed of roses. His voice is totally unique and them that follow are influenced by him,whether they admit it or not. As they used to say, M is God!

underated | Reviewer: Joe | 2/12/07

morrissey has my sympathy as he clearly does not deserve the criticism he has undergone. personally i have to say that he is the greatest lyricist of all time.sensational. you are the quarry is my favourite album of his.loved the smiths too.....keep writing i say!

morrissey's the man | Reviewer: ben | 3/26/05

it goes without saying what an impact hes made to music noel gallagher was inspired by him the libertines were franz ferdinand are such an intriguing artist, his brilliant wit and powerful lyrics can make anyone sit up and think "yeah i've been there" or atleast think they can relate to morrissey. not such a prominent artist anymore, but you are the quarry was a success, and i'm sure i'll be first in line for the live at earls court cd, and the who put the "m" in manchester dvd.