such a silly boy | Reviewer: Mohd Iqbal | 2/27/12

First time i listen to this song, i think its about playboy. Because ''he stole all hearts away. he stole from the rich and the poor..." but now i know its about Hector. But who Hector? The Playboy? By the way, this is a great song along solo career of morrissey.

Great Song | Reviewer: rico | 12/27/10

This is a great friend Hector was the first of our gang to die - which he said he would do...after coming home from a night out on the town and cranking this song at 3 or 4am. Great song from a great artist!

First of the gang to die | Reviewer: Daniel | 5/31/08

well.... nice song .... i love morrisey
this song is very special for my ... with this song i can remember great moments to my life
it's the most amazing song than somebody have listened .....
[ You have never been in love,
Until you've seen the stars........ ]

I agree :D | Reviewer: Clover | 12/26/07

This song is one of Morrissey's greatest songs as a solo artist, along with "Jack The Ripper". I love this song and it's imagery. I can definitely say that nobody can ever be in love if they haven't heard Morrissey's voice. Morrissey stole all hearts away. - Clover P.S This song is from the 2004 album "You Are The Quarry"

Morrysey is a great musician | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/07

I love morrysey he is the law a dam Irish-british really I love this song was created when the music was made top expresse feelings not just to earn money.

dead good | Reviewer: jack | 9/3/06

this guy is a genius a bit of a dork but hey his music is amazing and theres something about him that even though he looks funny when he swings his arms around you respect him enough not to laugh first of the gang to die was an amazing track id reccomend it to anyone. jack

What can you say? | Reviewer: sme | 1/28/05

What can you say, First of the Gang to Die is the best thing Moz has done since Suedehead! Its that simple. I work in a music store and its amazing how many non-moz, non-smiths fans that this song has won over! What more can you say about it? Obviously the boy moz can done no wrong, but You are the Quarry is , i think, his most complete solo album! BUY IT!!!!!

Back to the 80s | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/04

Sounds like old fresh Morrissey's

morrisey wonderfull | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/04

It's the most beautiful song than i've ever listened to

the best song in the world | Reviewer: Krissy | 9/22/04

it is a well meaningful song that tells a story behind the song