Reviews for Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive/Negative) Lyrics

Performed by Modest Mouse

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Cynical me in a cynical world | Reviewer: Just another guy | 2/28/13

I recently left a job working for a bullshit company that cares more about working their employees to death to create a favorable bottom line than providing a valued service to those that allow the company to exist in the first place. I was a young and scared out of college. Trying to find security in an insecure world. After a year and a half I left the position. I figured I knew I needed to dedicate my time to something that at least gave me the satisfaction of knowing I could help better someone else's life and hopefully enjoy what I would commit most of my life to.

Long story short I am still looking. During my search I have found that you can more or less dedicate your life to something that pays the bills and simultaneously funds the alcoholism that is necessary to stomach that path or work a job that gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling. The trouble is that the position I describe often would leave us struggling to survive even in the most modest of lifestyles.

I read the comments and saw people relating this to relationships and not fitting in. I have struggled with rough relationships and know how it feels to not "fit in" with the society surrounding all of us. I hope you have all found the necessary things to ease your pain and get you to grow and get to the next juncture in your life. After all, as long as we keep growing and developing as humans even the toughest of times are not in vain. We must push on regardless of what is ailing us. With greener pastures in mind we take tedious step after tedious step trudging on in hopes of stumbling upon that one special thing for each of us that allows ourselves to carry out the rest of our days in peace.

Whether if it is a relationships bitter ending, a sense of loneliness from the inability to fit in to a foreign society, the struggle to find ones path in this world, or any other ailment we still must continue on. Though we are angry and depressed, though we shun others simply because we have nothing to say we must remember that each negative time in our lives is balanced out with positives... and until that positive time comes to rescue us all we must be patient... we must all take a deep breath and have another orange julius while we wait in line.

For me | Reviewer: W | 12/5/11

I think of my late brother; haven't seen you around in a while

FANSTASTIC | Reviewer: Lily | 3/19/11

Man, I love Modest Mouse. They are absolutely fantastic, and this particular song is no exception. We've all experienced similar feelings at least once, and those who haven't, unfotunately will. But, that's life, and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

this is life... | Reviewer: Jessica Gonzalez | 4/15/10

when i first heard this song i was going thru a bad break up and i just didnt feel like doing anything at all not even eating not because i was just because i couldnt understand what was happening to me...and this song just spoke to me and i just feel so much better because i know i am not the only that feels like this.

utter lose for words | Reviewer: anne | 8/1/09

for me, i feel as if..... it's that feeling after you've completely fallen out with someone who you had once been close with, on a level which you feel no one else can really comprehend.

& just, everyone else you see, everything you do just isn't equivalent, or worth doing and going through because that feeling does not measure up to the time you spent with that person.

Being lost, jaded, unable to relate, and not even wanting to give it a try, because of the impending failure you are sure you will face.


thats what I personally get from it, at least.

Well, | Reviewer: Someone else | 11/20/08

I don't think it has to be about another person specifically, more about society and how some people just can't fit in. I agree that it's a great song, I can really sympathize with most of Modest Mouse's lyrics.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Allison | 7/9/08

The first time I listened to this song, it sounded so nice. I think it's about this lonely guy that is missing someone terribly and can't think straight without them. And every time he has doubts ("breathing out"), that special someone is taking it all in for him ("breathing it in"), and reassuring him that there's nothing to worry about, and that everything will be okay.

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