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Performed by Modest Mouse

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MM fan 99... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

Why would you call someone "retarded" just because their interpretation of a song is different from yours?? I'm sure your genius Isaac Brock would say it's open to interpretation for each listener. Let people take from it whatever they want. It's music, that's the point! You must be a child...

did i want love? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/09

so he's a drifter and he's searching for something unattainable, a comfortable position; a perfect lean in the classroom seat? i think that its everyone; we turn left or right and we can't escape the hurt or little sufferings. The undertow is precisely the origin of the song. Rejoice to the fact that life keeps moving and that being bored is when we feel like there isnt one.
much love,

whistle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/09

what does being emo have anything to do with this song. that was of no importance. but modest mouse needs tons of thumbs up, i can relate to this song in almost every direction with my current standing.
good thing to cope with.

Yeah.. | Reviewer: xXCiCiCupcakezXx | 2/16/09

Im an emo girl..
I have been finding myself listening to this song everything. Modest Mouse has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine.
When i was younger, my parents would play Modest Mouse. And one day i was listening to the radio and The world at Large came on.
And i was thinking to myself..
If the worlds at large..
why should i remain..
It makes PERFECT sense.

If the world is going to do nothing to but cry and hurt.
why would i want to be here?

Just because im emo, doesnt mean im limited to a certain music genre.
This song is my all time favorite. It amazes me in every different way.


everything | Reviewer: Robert | 2/11/09

first off, Craig, i agree. I first started listening Modest Mouse back in 04'. My English teacher Matt Treski, played music during his class, even during big test and stuff. but he put on modest mouse one day and i heard something unique for once. i fell in love with their sound. the first song i have experienced from them was Neverending Math Equation. The lyrics were so different. I used to listen to nothing but death metal. but they got me cross over a bit and explore their genre. but as far as funeral's go, i want mine to be party. everyone needs to drink a couple and twist a couple up for me. LIVE LIFE, BE HAPPY......

No reason, so why try? 'Cause we can | Reviewer: Jen | 1/16/09

When I listen to this song it makes me step back and look at my life. Every year i get knew friends, teachers, games, books, etc. But why can't i keep myself satisfied with life? I mean i'm supposedly changeing, and growing up, but am i really? I feel like i keep trying to move on, change my tactics, look at things in a different way; but everything is so emty, i still can't see any reason to my life or life itself. I guess in the end there isn't any reason, i guess we just got to keep falling and standing up. Love life hate, the living i always say.

In a Way | Reviewer: Ryan | 12/11/08

some people find this song in sync with theyre life. personally, i dont, but this song is still amazing. it seems like this song is about finding what you are looking for, but never do. other people might think differently, so let them. but this is a truley good song

my thoughts..... | Reviewer: Bobby | 12/9/08

it seems like the singer is looking for peace and no matter where he goes he cant find peace so he just moves on to somewhere else. I feel the same way cause Im always moving never at one place for too long until I find what I am looking for.

same emotions. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/08

I dont think this song is depressing. Maybe because i feel exactly the same. Its about wanting something more, wanting out of your life, but having no idea where you're going or what you exactly want. Just needing to leave whats around you. You try and try and it feels like your surroundings are just holding you back. Great song.

... | Reviewer: Jennifer | 10/20/08

When I listen to this song, it makes me feel like somebody understands me. Which is actually relieving/calming, not depressing. It does not make me a 'retard' (and it angers me that you use that term in such an ignorant manner) because I interpret the song differently that you. That's the beauty of art, of music.

lost | Reviewer: aga | 9/19/08

I listened to this song many times before, but i never really applied it to my life until today, or at least not with the same intensity. I don't find it depressing...just lost. Unable to find one's place in the world, not fitting in, constantly looking for something, better or new. That's how I feel. I can't sit on my ass in the same place. I need to be moving, changing, discovering. I'm happy, I have amazing friends, sweet job, and yet I'm moving out in a couple weeks to uncertainty, just because I can. Just because I feel lost.

This song made me feel a little less insane.

omg | Reviewer: alex | 8/31/08

yo i live in tha country. blueberry feilds, woods one day i was walking down my road, witch is always open (no cars). I was balancing on tha white line, with this song playin on my ipod. it was amazing...just blueberry feilds and woods on both sides of me.

randomness | Reviewer: natty | 8/13/08

for some reason, the very first time i listened to this song i was like.. I WANT THIS SONG IN MY FUNERAL.. a year later, my current boyfriend told me, the first song he heard of modest mouse was WORLD AT LARGE.. and it was driving to one of his frends funeral.. i was tripping when he told me that.. cause he didnt know that was the first song i heard of'em and that i wanted in my funeral..

i totally love MM.. every song describes me at some point.. awesome band!

MM fan99 | Reviewer: craig | 5/26/08

umm, you are clearly retarded if you think this song isn't depressing. Because the lyrics are right in front of you. if you can't understand the genius of Isaac Brocks lyrics, dont comment about shit you don't know.

All inspiring | Reviewer: Justin | 1/31/08

Modest Mouse is one of the most amazing bands I have ever heard. The amazing lyrics accompanied with a wide range of unique and interesting music and vocals. The world at large has always been one of my favorite songs. It puts me in such a relaxed mood.

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