Reviews for Styrofoam Boots / It's All Nice On Ice, Alright Lyrics

Performed by Modest Mouse

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Fun to play | Reviewer: Hap Henninger | 2/23/11

I also love this song. When I play it live, I like to turn it into a medley with the galaxie 500 songs tugboat and oblivious, plus one of my own. it gives me a solid 10-15 mins of mellow atmosphere. I think the fact that it is two songs in one makes it good for transitioning into other songs.

Transitions that make it all nice on ice, alright | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/07

Modest Mouse is very good at combining different melodic sounds and transitioing back and fourth between them. Here, with this song, the opening piece is a simple accoustic melody and essentially all the lyrics are presented in this piece. Soon, it transitions into the second part of the song which is compromised mostly of excellent rhythm drumming. They are very good at combining aggresive sounds with melancholic ones; this song isn't very melancholic, but it definitely transitions from two distinct sounds making the song seem like two in one.

good song | Reviewer: stephen b | 6/1/05

i like this song alot. its very mellow and yet it still gets me stoked on life.

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