Great Song, great message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/09

Some of you say Float On is sarcastic, but I disagree. Listening to this song always gives me hope that even when I'm down, I'll always float on no matter what.
It's a good song to listen to when you are not happy with your life at the moment, if you ask me.

Also, it's very different from their more "remorseful" songs, if you will. One that doesn't have to do with death.

Great band, this is my favorite album.

re: to Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/09

do you know what your talkin "If you can see the goodness in all things you will find nirvana" how about you live real life before you go to that length in judging something you don't understand. this is an abstract song and you shouldn't be trying to define it.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/09

this song is basicly taking the piss out of every1 by saying every1 is just floating on. dont float people swim take life into your own hands. don;t wait for next good thing to come along be open to the good in everything that comes your way.

"If you can see the goodness in all things you will find nirvana"

Rare | Reviewer: Daye | 2/5/09

Isaac Brock was definitely caught in a rare moment of positivity for this song! While it's a great Modest Mouse song, it's absolutely different from the good ole depressing tunes they normally play.. In the making of the video, Isaac was most likely stunned by himself for writing the lyrics so he had to make it sound sarcastic, perhaps? Good song nonetheless!

makes you think doesnt it? | Reviewer: Brendan | 1/24/09

its an amazing song, amazing message, ... amazing everything. When you think about the message it makes you (me anyways)go into a kind of calm and just think about what it means to be mad, to be sad, to be happy, to be any of the thing we have labeled as emotions and you (again me) realize the bare bones of it: nearly all the time things work out and get better, if not, things will get better we'll all float on anyways. i can speak from experience. i have recently moved from my moms to my dads and ,though it was tough, im really enjoying grade 7 out here much more than my moms and i was almost pushed under but im floating now...

Great Song, But Watch the Video | Reviewer: Dan | 1/26/09

I loved playing this song in Rock Band 2 because it really made me feel connected to "hope springs eternal." I really felt I could "Float On."

Then I watched the video. I would have agreed with the reviewer who suggested that the song is sarcastic, only I think MM is presenting a much stronger tone than sarcasm. The video is quite sinister, and seems to suggest that not only is the "Float On" attitude foolish, it's also dangerous to yourself and your loved ones.

One of the youtube comments suggested that maybe the sheep are getting sheared and not slaughtered. I'm tempted to disagree, given the very dark presentation of the video (even the band is being controlled by magnets). However, since the grim video is such a stark contrast from the hopeful song itself, maybe MM is messing with us a 2nd time. Maybe the fact that they are only getting sheared is actually the hopeful conclusion that the song seems to be desiring. It's impossible to tell.

I just don't know what to think anymore. Here are a few facts:
1) life is / can be hard
2) we need to have hope in order to continue
3) sometimes in our need for hope we can follow blindly to our own doom, inadvertently leading others down the same path

My uneasy conclusion:
This song both reminds us to have hope and warns us of the dangers of being sheep. "The victorious mind is both honest and hopeful."

capturing a truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

This song is amazing. It captures the immortality of the human spirit perfectly. It always reminds me of this little gem of comfort: if we can only remember how eternal and indestructible our spirit is and how limitlessly powerful our thoughts and intentions are, the weight of the world loses that ominous illusion of significance.

It also gracefully touches on the importance of attitude. Any bad news can become good news; ultimately its all just news and it is up to us to decide how to receive it.

In conclusion, I <3 Modest Mouse,

The end of suffering = relief | Reviewer: Jen | 1/16/09

When ever i want to punch the wall or run out on the street in the middle of the night and scream, i stop myself. I have faith, no i don't pray to god or go to church, i have a different faith; I have faith that tomorrow's going to come with or with out me, people are going to hate, love, and kill. I have faith that at the end of all suffering is relief, just like at the end of all life is death. Time isn't going to wait, so all we can do is let things go and look for the next good thing. Sad to have to live from one good thing to the next, desparately clutching happiness, but that's just what we'll do.

Thank you Rock Band 2 | Reviewer: rockband guitar | 1/14/09

I had never heard this song before but it has become one of my favorites. I will have to look the band up and some of their other stuff. Excellent...and we'll all float on away..ay and all float on away..ay.....

My Theme for Life | Reviewer: Cicka | 9/5/08

This song isn't sarcasitc near as much as it is (and forgive my language) "I'm GOING to be HAPPY, damn it!" I agree. Of recent weeks this has become my theme song because, to put it in the song's words, things hae gotten pretty heavy. But I refuse to sink! I'm GOING to float on. No if's, and's or but's about it. This song is really inspirational if you think about it. That and it's great music for in the car. ^-^'

thesmrtestpersonevr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/08

does anyone else think this song is being sarcastic? as in, haha yeah right a cop car would just drive off after you backed into it? and how absurd it would be to be fine with getting scammed out of everything because you "learned some slight of hand"? i just don't think the happy-go-lucky straightforward interpretation fits with any of their other work. see: any other song modest mouse has made.

so long ago | Reviewer: veritas | 3/24/08

i heard this song so long ago, and i was like "that's a pretty nice song"
and then years later i heard dashboard and i heard it was by a band called modest mouse and i was like "hey, didn't they do Float On?" and i thought Dashboard was awesome and i started loving the band, and that took me as far back as The Moon and Antarctica, which is also pretty sweet.

I consider Modest Mouse the essence of all real/good Alternative music, but it takes a rather refined taste in Alternative to fully appreciate them

complete lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

why doesnt anybody have the actually lyrics to this song.. like what vocal 2 is doing... he saus something before the second chorus and soemthing but similar to 3rd verse while it is going on.. and then again at the end.. if i figure it out ill put it on

Analysis | Reviewer: Flyin' Hawaiian | 1/9/08

This is a great Modest Mouse song that partially contributed to their introduction into the mainstream. I believe this song explains how things are always going to be okay even through the tough times. You know like those sayings: "Takes a little rain to make a rainbow" "It's Darkest before dawn"
in the end we'll all float on okay

ONLY GOOD SONG? | Reviewer: travis | 11/12/07

who ever wrote that this is there only good song, why did you even bother writing that, its one of there best yeh but you got listen to them more because this is not ther only good song