float on! | Reviewer: emilee | 12/28/11

I freaking love this song. When I get in my car, the first thing I do is roll my windows down and turn this song alllll the way up! It reminds me to enjoy life and stop worrying about stupid things. You just gotta head bang to this song and you'll forget about everything. I love you Modest Mouse! <3

..... | Reviewer: noname | 12/6/11

My boyfriend just died.. we used sit at the park drunk and sing this song. they ended up playing at his funeral. my favortie song in the world... things will evetualy get better and this gives me hope.

to lazy to think of a title | Reviewer: Dusty | 7/19/11

this song helps me not to worry about things. yeah bad things happen but in the end its gonna be ok. i call it my happy song and listing to it really does make me feel a lot better.
thanks modest mouse for writing one of the best songs ever.

[insert good title here] | Reviewer: Mia | 4/19/11

I love this song. My mom's been playing it for me for as long as i can remember. I feel like it means that yeah, life sometimes veers a little off course, but in the end, everything will turn out okay, so you should lay back, take it easy, and enjoy life.

Afterlife. | Reviewer: Early Bird Special | 3/29/11

The song basically means, don't worry about judgement of others, you're all going to die anyway, what does it matter? Live life to the fullest. The sheep look like they're being slaughtered in the music video to symbolize the afterlife: You think it's death, but you're just floating on.

The sheep do not get killed | Reviewer: Sherrym | 3/4/11

The sheep are not being slaughtered int he video. They are being brought in and sheltered from the snowstorm. The other sheep peek in though the slats in the barn and the sheep inside alive and FINE. You are only meant to think the WORST by the "meathooks" (or hay hooks, who knows) and then all that worrying and drama was for nothing and it was 'all alright' in the end after all. Really its quite obvious.

@ jennabeans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/11

i found your comment very interesting so I had to watch the video again. and it doesnt really show the sheep being sheared - i didnt see it anyways. but fact is even though if they were going to a slaughter house everyone has to go through it , like death like any pain/struggle - so THE SHOW MUST GO ON - or WE STILL FLOAT ON - no matter what pain/struggle we go through - ya dig?! lol - its all up for interpretation tho

Slaughterhouse? | Reviewer: jennabeans | 12/7/09

Um, it isn't a slaughterhouse in the video. They set it up to make you think that, but it's just a guy shearing sheep. They aren't being killed. Which goes along with the whole "float on" thing. You think it is going to be bad, but then it turns out okay.

What ever makes you happy | Reviewer: Tiffany | 11/17/09

I think everyone should be able to just listen to the song and get what they want out if. Music has always been something I go to to just release I suppose and being able to think what I want about a song always make it better for me.

life's a river | Reviewer: Joel | 10/31/09

Sometimes, we all really do need to just float on, and i think this song does a great job of reminding us all. As for the whole slaughterhouse thing, I think it's a metaphor that basically says "Yeah, we'll all be going the same way eventually, but until then, just live your life peacefully and happily." And so, with that, I leave you to interpret it on your own.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Alex | 8/10/09

Here is my interpretation of this great song

Life is an Ocean, and we are all on this boat in the middle of it. Sometimes the seas are rough and sometimes they are calm... The only true way to experience this life is to jump in, but we need to know how to float before we can swim, because we are far away from shore and if we only try and swim there we will get worn out and surely drown. Thus float on, take it easy, don't fret over every little thing.

...Sarcasm? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/09

Many of you are talking about the sarcasm that you see in this song, but if you read some interviews with Isaac Brock, he talks about how this song was during a period with Life goes on was basically his philosophy. Although the video is dark and sinister, I believe that that is just trying to reconcile old MM fans to the fact that this song is happy and hopeful. I love all MM, and this song is no different. But I do understand why the video would purposefully be made dark to attract old MM listeners who say that happiness in MM is just not acceptable. With the video, the producers are going for old fans, by releasing this song as a single, they attracted new. They just want the best of both worlds, and as much money as possible!

Don't try and use a video to ascribe meaning to a song. | Reviewer: Maven | 5/12/09

Seriously, there's no point in trying to judge a song by it's video. If we used "video logic", we'd have to believe that "Safety Dance" is about midgets in the middle-ages. Videos are most often created by a video producer, not the band, and typically don't have Jack to do with the song.

More people should just float on instead of getting enraged | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/09

Great song. It reminds me to take life with a grain of salt and not to let ever little thing get to me. However I am not sure that the second line is correctly printed. I thought the line went "Well he just drove off, sometimes I DK."

Hard to say but good song nontheless | Reviewer: Russ | 4/15/09

Well it's pretty hard to say for me if it's sarcastic. My first thought is no cause i'm pretty optimistic in nature. However, when you watch the video, you can clearly see the sheep being slauhtered. There's meat hooks in that building for god's sake...oh well. Still a great song.