Reviews for Exit Does Not Exist Lyrics

Performed by Modest Mouse

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tabssssssss | Reviewer: mike | 4/16/11

I love this song. You would be my best friend if someone tabbed this for bass. Tundra/Desert would be nice too. There is NONE to be found on the internet.
On a different note, i completely agree with the view that this relates to schizophrenia. the lyrics say it all

Just a Personal Relation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/09

Schizophrenia? Maybe a cliché and one layer veiw of it, I may not be scratchig the surface...but hah. Actually as a schizoid myself. This sums it up. Especialy the part about "faking". When was younger by friends hated me because they believed I was faking it.

Just a personal relation and what I'll always think it is...I mean...this whole song captures the disorganized state you're spar into.

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