Reviews for Doin' The Cockroach Lyrics

Performed by Modest Mouse

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Awesome song | Reviewer: Elle | 12/1/2008

This is by far my favorite Modest Mouse song. They have so much quality material that it's hard to single a song out, but this song's lyrics really hit home with me and I love how climactic it is. Not only that, but sometimes when they play it live they do an amazing extended version that just blows my mind.

i love it | Reviewer: squirrly | 5/22/2008

this song is one of my favorites from them
it took a while but it definately grew on me
its one of those songs that you must have patience for
you have to be able to see the natural rythm to it
the building up of energy and emotions throughout the length of the song..

one that will surely get you excited

Amazing Rhythm Guitar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/2007

This songs musicality is so infectious you can't help but feel motivated by its brash, inspired rhythm guitar near the end. It gets the people jumping around the dance floor.

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