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Performed by Missy Higgins

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whaddup | Reviewer: steph | 3/21/12

i love missy! who ever is bagging her out clearly has nothing better to do than hurt others, sick life mate. i didn't even know she was a lesbian though? i was always wondering why on earth a girl was in it.. huh. but yeaaah ily misss dawwwg

nasty alert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/11

um you r being one of the bad people in the song if you keep saying shes a lesbian its not nice she sung that song for people to accept her and different people not so you can tease her whatever your name was.

Great Song | Reviewer: GJ | 2/8/11

What a great song. I checked it after hearing The Axis Of Awesome include in thier "Four Chord Song" medley. Thought it was a really good song and she has a great voice. Why don't we hear of her in the UK?

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/10

it means we're all human. and we don't have the right to change or judge others for our own selfish feelings but we do anyways, and when we see what we're doing it hits us straight at home...we find that we're hypocrites. but when we leave each other with these scars it helps us slowly remember never to go there.

I <3 Missy! | Reviewer: Lara | 7/3/10

This song is really good and its my favourite. i love all the lyrics, they are so meaningful and it has a good moral in this song. it shows you don't have to do what someone else wants you to do so you can make them happy. it shows that its really important to be an individual and be yourself because after all everyone is different and unique and thats not a reason to take advantage of them, if that makes sense.

like the way i feel | Reviewer: bing.armo | 11/14/09's just a big dilemma when people expext to much from u....and they want u to bend and be flexible to what they want you to be...

the question is "would they be willing to do things they wouldn't wanna do just so people around them will be happy or will accept them fully as a person?

i believe that as long as a person is happy and contented about himself/herself, they should be let alone to decide for their own good, because only they would know what's best for him/her.

a very beautiful and touching song about indiduality....we are all individuals and by that word, it means we all are never alike and that's where we become interesting because we are all unique.

you're a brilliant singer and compose missy...keep it up!

I believe that this is a great song.. | Reviewer: Christian Clarence | 9/10/09

First, i didn't iknow that she is a lesbian.. All that i remember is i heard this song once and it never get out of my head and heart eversince..I tried to search foe this song and it took me a lil while but it was all worth it.. this particular song proves just what kind of a genius Missy is.. plus all this comments you guys posted here, its enough evidence that she is worth talkin bout and her music worth listening to.. Anyway,I always thought that this is a love song, that she was actually talkin bout a guy from her past and she just remebers its all with joy in her heart cause she jsut learned her lessons well.. (THAT IS BECAUSE I DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS SEXUALITY ISSUE)I will always believe that this is very obvious a love song.. " so that i do remember, to never go that far"--she meant not to fall in love again (at leats not yet) coz she shes scared of gettin scars, that simple.. And bout the girl who smelled like sugar? that was just another girl who's trying to give her some advice about love.. Well, again, this is really a love song..

i love scar | Reviewer: WOULDENT YOU LIKE TO KNOW | 4/9/09

i love missy higgens song it is definently a favourite i think it is about a person and someone wonts it to be some thing the person is not and the person trys to fit in and ends up gets hurt inside and is saying i hope i remember this so i dont do it again.

Dwarves | Reviewer: Jessie Grace Badge | 9/2/08

I think this song is about the tiny dwarven race that lives under Uluru and the pressures they must deal with in day to day life.

As a dwarf I must say I truly love this song, one of the all time classics.

Love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/08

i don't think this song is about her sexualaty. More that in life both men and womean will try to change you.

But even is she was a lesbian shouldn't matter. I love the way her lyrics are meaning full and unusaual!

I LUV U MISSY | Reviewer: EMILLY | 4/1/08

love the song. its beautiful. i found it sad but very nice pretty how ever u say it. any way Dick Sneeze came on here on day and wrote about the song and he said mean things because shes a .... u know lesbian but who cares because shes here for the music anyway so i want everyone 2 be mean 2 him 2 c how he likes it.
sssssssoooooo pppppppiiiiisssssssss
ooooffffff DDDDDDDiiiiiccccckk

(piss off dick sneeze)

I like it, whatever the meaning | Reviewer: Bek | 3/6/08

I agree, this song is rather sad. Even if she never had the intention of this song being about her sexuality when she wrote it, it now does have that underlying meaning. This song may have been a cry out. Missy could've been sick of hiding her true identity.
I mean with lyrics like:
"She told me don't, trust them trust me. Then she pulled at my stitches one by one,And said "This will all have to come undone".
One must wonder what it really means.
But with that said, I'd like to add one last thing; anyone who is brave enough to come out in anyway has my deepest respect. Even in today's modern world it is still hard to my a gay man or woman.

Sad song | Reviewer: Chris L. | 2/9/08

I think this is a pretty sad song. She's basically saying that because of the way she's been treated (people trying to change her) that she's never going to let someone get close to her again "So that I do remember to never go that far" and "You can bathe me in your finest wine but I'll never give you mine".

Which is sad really because it says she'll never know true love - you have to open yourself up to another person before you can truly experience love.

Scar Meaning | Reviewer: Emma | 1/23/08

Well she aggrees that this song is how people try to fit you into "Squares" but it is not always easy, also to Clarify. on her MSN and on her webpage, she has said that she is not so straight and that sexuality is a fluid thing so that she does not want to be categorised, but if she is to be categorised she would be "BISEXUAL" as she has had relationships with both men and women.
This is my favorite missy song by the way. i love it.

what?? | Reviewer: Skyefull | 1/2/08

ok shes not talking about being a lesbian, shes talking about how ppl have tried to change her to fit their perception of what she should be.
perhaps its about dating, but she never mentions dating them. they could be just friends.

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