Missy Higgins ROX! | Reviewer: Grace | 8/15/2007

I love you so much Missy! I listen to all of your cds that i have they are totally AWESOME! I love you so much im doing my class assignment on you!

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I totally LOVE Missy Higgins | Reviewer: Grace | 8/15/2007

Hey Missy I LOVE you sooo much that i am doing my class assignment on you!
I also have 1 of your cds. It is totally AWSOME! I always listen to it. I LOVE YOU MISSY!

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better | Reviewer: ktc | 7/20/2007

i listen to her before i have a sports game it makes me play so much better then when i dont i think she i n amazing artis and singer

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THANK YOU | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/2007

i LOVE your Music It makes every thing thats rong feel right when i listen to it THANK YOU!!LOVE KC

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a music legend. | Reviewer: spencer | 6/13/2007

Missy Higgins an bsolute legend. her album 'the sound of white' is one of the best i have ever heard. many albums only have mabye 2 or 3 good songs but every song on the sound of white is an excelent song.
her music has a unique style with great lyrics.

over all her music is great. i would definetly recomend the sound of white.

love u missy.

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Missy | Reviewer: Honey | 6/10/2007

Missy Higgins is the one thing that saved me from the inevitable cycle of comformity. She is so different from everything else and she is so beautiful and graceful in her performances, that it only adds to the magical aura she had surrounding her.

Her songs make you realise just how much music can make you feel. she touched the subject just so, in a way that you can see and feel what is happening to her.

i can't believe the voice on such a small girl. listening to her CD's is one thing, but when you hear her in a concert hall or even while your outside the intensity and vibrancy of her voice and the passion she so obviously has for what she is doing, purely outdoes anything you can ever experience.

she is just amazing...

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if u wish apon a STAR | Reviewer: annie | 5/5/2007

i think that missy higgins is one of the best female artists for Austrlia

she has inspired me to try and write my own lyrcis and to start on my own compertions on the piano

I only wish that she could help me with my lryics and give them specil meaning like she does with her songs i would love to have gotten tickets for her show in perth but they were all sold out "(

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OMG | Reviewer: heya | 5/2/2007

i think that missy higgins is one of the best artist in the music industry

i also think that some people have turned off missy because of her sexuality which i think is so wrong she wrires amazing songs so people should just reflect back on her songs instead of her privaty bussiness

i love music a missy has inspired me to start writing my own songs so i thank missy for making my music better and my lyrics fab XXXXX i love missy

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Angelic | Reviewer: Erin Gulliver | 4/7/2005

Missy Higgins is one of the most angelic singer song writers i have evr come across. Her album "The Sound of White" is so raw but pure. Her ability to capture a moment in time and put it to music is unbelievable.
i have fallan in love with her album and after seeing her in concert i fully realised the extent of her talent.

She is a phenominal musician.....singer and song writter.

She has capyured my heart and i can't wait to see where she goes form here.


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Missy Higgins-Fabulous | Reviewer: Emily Harris | 4/6/2005

I have recently purchased the sound ofwhite and after listening to it several time i have come to the conclusion that it ison of the best albums I have ever heard. Her style of music is beautiful- it suits her. I recomend this album to everyone and give it 4 stars!

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