Reviews for Cactus That Found The Beat Lyrics

Performed by Missy Higgins

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loveee it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/2007

this song just about rocks my socks off! it's soo kewl! the beat is great and is a song that is ideal for dancing to, performing for a piano concert, a voice recital, or just for fun! it's a wonderful song that makes me smile every time that i hear it! if you want to know who a good all aroung artist is, you should totally check Missy Higgins out!!!!!!! i just loveeee it don't you?

I KNOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/2007

I played this song on the piano and peformed it at a huge performance. I learned the entire song by just listening to it! i figure it our by ear.

PIANO MUSIC ♥ | Reviewer: Monique | 6/7/2007

does anyone have the piano accompanyment for this song and if so where di you get it

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