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I love MSI | Reviewer: xMSIxFanboyx | 2/21/08

I first heard of Mindless Self Indulgence when i saw the shut me up video. It was so awesome!!! An hour later i bought Frankenstein Girls and You'll Rebel To Anything. I also saw them live in clevend on The Project revolution tour. It is just fucking amzing to see them live. I was pumped for days after that concert!!! I'm now trying to get the album Tight and planning to get the new album IF. MSI forever : )

msi is excellent | Reviewer: cedrick | 1/20/08

i didnt really know anything about these guys when i got "you'll rebel" from the library. i just picked it up, took it home, and put in my cd player. i fucking CHANGED. it was funny. weird, geeky, and alltogether beyond stupid, and pretty fuckin awesome. i fuckin went crazy, and sent the youtube videos to my friends, my favorite being prom peace.

My little take | Reviewer: Damian | 1/9/08

I've been listening to MSI for about 4 years now, and it's quite odd seeing other people that have even heard of them. They are indeed coming out of the underground, especially with there tv debut on late night with carson daily, and their spot headlining the revolution stage with linkin park on Projekt Revolution.

To the people wondering why they were touring with MCR so much, Lyn Z, bass player is(was?) dating Gerard, lead singer of MCR. Prior to this Jimmy would make fun of MCR on stage regularly.

These guys really rocked my crotch hard at Projekt Revolution, and are my favorite band for 4 years running. If you ever get a chance, go see them live, it was the best day of my life.

MSI pwns you and your colon, and will eventually pwn you all.

MSI best shit ever | Reviewer: Jokko | 1/11/08

MSI hase meade me what I am today. I have listened to them when they 1st came out and have gone to all the shows by my town. There guys are the best and only shit you need!!!

I LOVE MSI | Reviewer: Erica | 1/5/08

I Saw MSI live in Websters Hall NY
and then I bought the dvd too
so i watch at least once a day,
anyway I got to say that I love how
this band connects with the fans,
the don't just stand up on the stage
and sing, they fucking perform the shit out of their songs, and that's why I love them

Fucking Awesome | Reviewer: xMiseryx4xLuckx | 1/3/08

The first song I ever heard by MSI was 'I'm Your Problem Now'. To be completely truthful, I was sort of bewildered but the disk I was listening to had a lot of MSI on it so I listened to other songs. Got hooked, download music then saw them in concert at Projekt Revolution. Was effening blown away by how great they were live. Brought all their CDs. So now MSI is all I listen to.

La-Di-Da-Di | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

I saw MSI supporting MCR at the 02 arena...and I've gotta say that MSI totally upstaged MCR. They stole the show! I <3 them...they have guts to say the truth in lyrics form.

Wow | Reviewer: Becca | 12/27/07

I saw them at newcastle in november, when they were the supporting band for my chemical romance (my fav band), and they were Fucking amazing! They had such a good connection with the crowd, and i am so glad they played. Also anyone who comes on sites like this just to trash the band or fans, they are Fucking cunts. What is the point of wasting your time? I dont have a problem with people who dont like msi, but why do they bother, seriously i dont get it

I <3 This Band! | Reviewer: rock4life | 12/20/07

MSI is one of the most crazy bands ever. They are the kind of music people should be listening to at dances, parties, clubs -- wherever. Their upbeat songs and insane, awesome lyrics is what keeps us pscyhotic people doing what we do best. It would be a dream come true to see them perform live.
Rock out and keep it going, MSI!%$&$!#%&*@!

Holy Shyt! | Reviewer: [Hexx Lexx] | 11/30/07

MSI! omg! I saw them at P.R. (Projekt Revolution)and they fuccn' rocked! OMG! any body who really dislikes them and thik that their lives suck this will make it messed up-ly better (i know up-ly isn't a word)Honsetly this is what people need a good case of MSI!

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