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M.S.I. | Reviewer: Jack | 11/16/08

I looked up M.S.I. after spotting the name on my brother-in-law's shirt more than a year before. One of the best choices I've made.

Mindless Self Indulgence is more psychotic than System of a Down, but doesn't mind showing off occasional harmonies and INSANE rhythms. Backmask Warning! is one of my favorites, followed by Diabolical (with the fortunate pick-less mishap at the end.)

I can't wait to see them in concert. XD

BEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: trey | 11/4/08

I first heard their music while lookin for Naruto stuff (unrelated) and heard Bitches for the first time, ever since then, i've fallen in love with Jimmy and the band, i will always love them and ps Get It Up on ,If, FUCKIN OWNS xoxo all

cookies.... O_o | Reviewer: xforestxrainx | 10/8/08

one of the most eclectic bands I've ever heard. trust me that says something because, my range is quite good. Now thanks to them Its even better. they're an Awesome band. I know Quite a few of their songs will be play long after we all die Shut me up is going to blare at my Funeral. Cause I just might shut up and stay out of the conversation.

FAVEROTE BANDD 8D | Reviewer: Jeska | 7/15/08

Iv'e been listening tew dem forever
ive met them all and lin-z wanted pictures of only meh and muh twinn Bridget off her phone
they called us da mcdonalds girls
cause of how we were dressed
we threw everything on us on stage and they wore it and threw it back and we caught all our stuff was the most amazing night ever

mindless self indulgence has ruined my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/08

before msi, i was a nice respectable little boy. then i went to a show. since then, i have gone bald, gone blind, lost control of my bladder, lost my toes, had my internal organs rearranged by themselves, and developed a horrible case of erectile dysfunction. DO NOT LISTEN TO MSI.

(: | Reviewer: lindsey | 5/28/08

mindless self indulgence is an amazing band. i have been listening to them for a few years now, and they just keep getting better. I have to say, they are my favorite band, and i have not been disappointed with them yet. they are amazing to the fifth power<3
mindless self indulgence means LOVE.(:

Mindless self indulgence | Reviewer: Mini | 4/2/08

Ive been listening to them for like 5 years now! and they have hardly gotten old. Im completely and tottally obsessed with James. (Jimmy Urine) He tends to intrige me. I love all there songs. they are just very highly diffrent and thats what makes them soo amazing, There knew song mastermind its completely amazing. check it on you guys mastermind is on there. its amazing you will love it.

MSI fucking OWN | Reviewer: Steff | 3/3/08

MSI just totally fucking own my life seriously. Saw them @ soundwave '08 in Sydney last sunday, they just owned every fucking performance, even offspring and incubus!! Saw their gig at the Gaelic Pub 2 days later in Syd, and theyr fantastic. LynZ is my idol, and is the fucking hottest chick i have ever seen onstage. so dont fucking pay her out. and she is so GOD DAMNED nice, i met her. they all give you the time of day. Great music, great performers

TIGHT | Reviewer: TIGHT CD IS THE BEST | 2/23/08

The band didnt start out with Lynd-z. It started with Vanessa. If you want to see realy MSI get the Tight Cd, or the Bed of Roses Ep. Those are the greatest peices of work MSI has ever created. MSI MADE MCR, they toured with MSI for like a year, and they sucked the whole time. Lynd-z Blows.

Er. | Reviewer: Kouy | 2/22/08

Within the first sentence I found a little problem. Lyn-Z didn't even join the band until after Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy. Vanessa Y.T. was the original bassist as well as Markus Euringer, James'(Jimmy's) older brother contributed to a few of their earlier songs. Also I would like to mention that MSI's latest shows have been sub-par at best compared to their old shows where Jimmy would almost always end up without pants complete drunk. Now he just kinda wobbles around the stage. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan, just I recommend their older material over their newer stripped down stuff.

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