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Performed by Mindless Self Indulgence

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Clarissa | Reviewer: Jon | 4/21/11

I loved this show as a kid but yeah, she was a smart ass bitch. Good job putting that fictional teenager in her place, Jimmy Urine. As for the whole fucking her little dork brother thing, though... I dunno. I'd pay to see it.

Clarissa Explains It All! | Reviewer: anon | 10/23/07

this song is actually about Clarissa from the show "Clarissa Explains It All," aired on Nickelodeon in the 90s. Ferguson is her little brother's name.

From a Girl named Clarissa | Reviewer: Clarissa | 10/1/07

My name is Clarissa and I think this song id pretty cool except that its putting down my name... but cool song!!

Pretty good. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/06

This is my favorite song by MSI so far. Its high-energy, fast-paced, and, well, kind of interesting to listen to.

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