miley's change | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/14

miley is a terrible example! some kids used to actually like her because she had a good voice, and now they can't watch her music videos or go to her concerts because she might do something inappropriate! when she changed, she should have thought about her younger fans!

Miley | Reviewer: random | 3/9/14

Miley is the biggest idiot in the world. There are better ways to handle your frustration than setting a bad example for kids and teens all over, including her little sister! She should either get off the stage or go back to the girl who sang Party in the USA.

the new Miley is terrific | Reviewer: makaveli | 12/21/13

Awesome song, awesome album and awesome Miley. She didn't change, she just grew up and that ain't bad, Rihanna did the same, Chris brown grew up too. It's best for them and their careers

her own self...don't judge her | Reviewer: jessica | 12/19/13

listen, i know people might say miley is a slut,likes shaking her ass,and always puts her tounge out,but doesn't mean you have to judge her though.she isn't perfect and neither are we.she wrote this song for a reason.liam did her wrong.miley just wanted to express her feelings by being free and to just destroy everything that gets her mad and pissed off.don't you guys know she has feelings like i said,DON'T JUDGE HER. Love you Miley.

miley cyrus is crazy and stupid | Reviewer: jazzy | 12/14/13

miley cyrus used to be so beautifle and now she is ugly,stupid,licks everything,where's less clothes and she keeps lickin everything.i think she is dating a sledge hammer.LOL!i want the old miley cyrus she's just a stupid pig.all i have to say is that she is CRAZY and STUPID!!!