Signature sound . | Reviewer: Kyra LaShawn | 9/28/11

When i first heard miguel my bestfriend & i are both poets & we were both engulfed with surprise when we listened to his lyrics in "surething" & both concluded he was singing about love , I must say he has a signature sound that i believe is gone be here for more than a season, he writing skills are colder than dry ice , I don't even buy whole albums to much anymore but i got his & it's the soundtrack to a lot of thoughts in my life , miguel you keep on doing what you do baby, cause i belive you got the stamia to indure this music industry ! You my surething lols!

Miguel | Reviewer: Fresh Wes | 7/15/11

Miguel is a very unique and skilled singer/song writer. I am a fan of his music because the songs he makes touches your emotions and stirs your feelings. Sadly, people dont really make that type of music anymore but Miguel does

stand out artist | Reviewer: Allison | 7/5/11

Miguel is a phenomenal new talent and I predict that he will be very, Verry successful in his music career. His song "sure thing" is addictive, the arrangement is symphonic,his voice is a mixture of Prince and Marvin Gaye. I can't wait to hear more from this young man...