Why argue | Reviewer: XXXXXXXXXXX | 1/1/13

IF you like him then like him, and if u hate him just hate him. whats so important that you have to argue ad talk shit just cause its what you want others to think the same way you do.

Material people. | Reviewer: Hatin on MA and lovin it cuz i'm right | 7/9/12

You guys act like getting laid and having more money than others makes him a god. Seriously? Grow the fuck up. The dude did some real terrible and nasty shit and that's never going to escape him or allow him to avoid criticism from others. That's life. Don't do stupid disgusting shit (addict or not, and yes, i've been an addict and never lowered myself to that) and you won't get hated on for good reason. To the people saying "OMG HE GETS LAID AND HAS SO MUCH MONEY YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS," get there yourself and then i'll give a shit. Until then, you're just a brown-nosing little bitch and your amazing idol on stage still sucked dick for drugs and who knows, still probably does. Night queers.

To all the "IDIOTS"! | Reviewer: m_arney@yahoo.com | 8/15/11

Ok, there's two kinds of dumb asses in here talking about Mickey. The first is the fucking idiots that think that Mickey is Scum because he USED to suck dick for a bump, It's something he did and it was his choice, you can't honestly judge him until you've been down the road that he has and been a drug addict needing a fix so badly your prepared to do anything. And now the fucking dumb son of a bitches who run around reppin Mickey and saying "Oh, he's so hardcore he does heroine and used to suck dick for drugs.", only thing I have to say to you fucking idiots is to SHUT THE FUCK UP! your the people who make others say the stupid shit that they do because they just think all you dumb asses wanna go suck dicks and do hard drugs, like the fucking idiot Dr. Funkstien wrote "i'd suck a dick to get on top." He's a complete fucking dumb ass mother fucker Mickey Never sucked dick to get to the top, only when he was on the street trying to get drugs because he had no money and your a fucking idiot for thinking it's "cool" to snort cocaine only fucking loser fucks sit around snorting coke all day, tat shit will kill your ass and all it does is give you a really bad head cold, it was one of the worst highs I've ever had.

Ooooh Mickey,Mickey ; Fuck Me,Fuck Me . | Reviewer: tarrah | 8/16/10

"Mickey Avalon is fucking Genious."
All the hater's who come on here and spew their bullshit make me laugh. You don't like him but yet you will go out of you're way to write page and pages of hating him. Seriously. You're Jealous that Mickey gets more dick/pussy than you ever will .. Love you, Mickeyy.

Original and entertaining | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/10

I dig Mickeys tell all lyrics. If you lived a life like that what else could you do but talk about it? At least he's producing original art and not going on a talkshow throwing chairs at people. Don't judge. You don't have to like it, but you don't have to say "whoever likes him deserves to die." who the fuck are you? Probably some lazy asshole sittin on the couch watching reality tv. Now THERES some no talent bull shit. Seriously, get off your self righteous ass. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. Like I said, you don't have to like it, but respect it, and if you don't understand it be grateful you've never had to relate to such experiences.

you must think the world of yourself | Reviewer: nicole | 5/11/10

didn't anyone ever teach you not to judge people. the things that he says relates to his past life experiences. not everyone had it so great...get over yourself. i love mickey and hope to see him live one day.
and to whoever is surprised hes not dead i would like to ask why...maybe im missing something here..


Mickey Avalon is a "Useless Eater"! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/10

It really scares me how many people like or look up to this useless eating white trash scum bag dick sucking loser! Seriously! How can you like someone who sucks dick for drugs and jerks nasty ass dudes off for money! His music is garbage he's garbage and I feel sorry for anyone that thinks this guy is cool! Anyone who thinks this piece of dog shit is cool is a useless eater too! It's scary as fuck that he is famous, that means that there are alot of low life useless eating scum bag bottom feeding losers on this planet and were all fucked!

don't hate | Reviewer: therealmccoy. | 2/14/10

just because he gets more girls and money than you ever will. why do people buy his shit? because its actually good. his lyrics aren't just the same "blah blah, get money, fuck bitches" rap. if you actually listen closely to his lyrics, they tell a story. some of then funnier than others, but still. he's awesome. and, i don't see any of you out there performing and getting pussy like he does.


As a bona-fide connesuer of music, I consider myself extremely knowledgeable about the quality and inspiration behind an artists offering. I was lucky enough to be born on the cusp of 60's & 70's rock n'roll, classic country, gospel, blues, and what eventually spawned rap, edgy disco courtesy of Debbie Harry. For those who don't know, that would be Blondie which threw a little known Fab Five Freddie into the mainstream mix. Rap was still a underground scene in NYC with the end of the studio 54 era coming to an end and artist like Grand Master Flash and George Clinton would spawn a new breed of rapper that would give birth to the modern day gangsta rap scene which benefited from the samplings of their predesessors. When NWA disbanded & everyone went their separate ways, Dre practically sampled every George Clinton song ever written for Doggystyle, the album he produced for snoop. I consider it an omage considering the talent of all parties involved who all have the roles in the development of where rap went & where it needs to return. I refuse to mention Eminem in detail although I do consider him talented but with Dre behind him thats a given. Another pioneer in early rap were The Beastie Boys who are still putting out albums some 25 years later. The eclectic nature of their albums and range in style rocketed them to one of the greatest rap groups of all time and they are white, Jewish kids from Brooklyn. Mickey Avalon is a product of all of these things that make music so wonderful. Yeah he's fuckin out there but he's a goddamn musician. In the days of every single fucking rap song out there sounding like Akon and his fucking Framptonesh helium huffing lyrics and all the other weak ass, repetitive bullshit that Top 40 Pop Producers throw at us because face it, we are stupid as a whole. Just look at Idol's success?! But for those of us that live and die by music, who still buy CD's or better yet vinyl because you consider them a work of art, we know better. So if you really think you are so fucking smart and your finely tuned critical ear worth hearing, say something that doesn't sound like a pissed-off, homophobic, failed musician. Isn't that essentially what a critic is? Oh yeah, and if you don't like it you don't have to listen to it. That's the beauty of living in a democracy. dumbass!

shocking, idiots talkin about a fellow idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/09

ok, so like two years ago my cousin said he went to this concert here in portland. he said he had never heard of the main act and when the dude? came out onto the stage he was some half naked and all fucked up looking 105 pound crackhead he couldnt understand a single word comin out his mouth, crawlin around on the floor and shit.... said it made him hella uncomfortable, but for some reason he then listened to the cd straight every day for a month.

honestly, i am admittedly a total hater, always have been- cuz most music (and everything else nowadays)is so utterly awful that i cant fathom how fuckin stupid a person would have to be to pay it any MIND at all, let alone MONEY, to listen to it or hear it live.... and initially I did totally hate it. i thought it was the worst shit id ever heard in my life. then i heard "mr right" which sorta changed my mind a little, cuz hes got a pistol named sunny that whistles when hes drunk! (best lyric on the album) but seein him on video and hearing his whole cd again as recently as today (my roommate/homey's been slappin it for a week so i havent had much of a choice), i gotta say, he is no doubt entertaining, (like the show "cops", a televised execution, or the rejects on american idol are entertaining) and im sure hes sucked tons a dicks and smoked tons a crack and whatever, (which doesn't make him cool, you ignorant fools) his beats are undeniably garbage and his hooks are even worse, but somehow he cashed in with shock value and very little ability or talent. good for him, really...but if you love MUSIC, (or if your employer, your parents, the elderly, any children or christians are nearby) dont listen to mickey avalon. (more than once, of course- just to know what all us assholes are babbling about)- you probably wont like mickey avalon. if you need to be able to say "hey my life aint so bad after all", or want to celebrate a completely fucked up individual who will likely die from drug abuse (or an unsatisfied trick named burt) before you can make it out to another one of his shows, go download his shit for free, dont pay for it. its comical, i guess- if its NOT true- but if it is true, its miserably depressing and will make a totally normal happy person take their shoelaces out and check themselves into a suicide ward.

i went from hating him, to almost kind of liking him for the fucked up retard that he is... and i'm only online now cuz i was curious to see if he was still alive (im amazed hes not dead yet) which is how i ended up settin all you motherfuckers straight who got nothin better to do but argue with eachother about shit that wont make your dicks, tits, or wallets any bigger...go fuck yourselves. i hate people like yall....fuckin losers, go do homework or clean your rooms or somethin. im out.

We love Mickey!! | Reviewer: Jane | 8/21/09

Mickey Avalon is a GENIUS!!!! my friend and i love his music and he is the coolest person in the whole world!!!! his music is different than the other rappers...in a fantabulous wayyy! he is an incredible person and we are dying to go to one of his concerts when he is on tour...again.

HATER! | Reviewer: JAKE | 7/31/09

Mickey avalon lives a diffrent life style than you do. DOnt hate him for it. He accually has the balls to rap about real shit... he's true. he has no shame and that's a great quality to have. he writes about past expiriances and dosent give a shit what you say. His music and style isnt for you but it's for me and many other people. Mickey Avalon is diffrent and your not used to diffrent. FUCK YOU HATERS!

drugs are tight | Reviewer: Dr. Funkenstien | 7/16/09

and so is mickey avalon. so fuck all of you haters. i'd suck a dick to get on top. rappin, snortin lines, and smokin blunts all day is better than bustin your ass at a shit fuck job forever. haha. im not gay, im just too lazy to work. SO FUCK YOUUUUU

oh mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind | Reviewer: Sunshine | 4/5/09

I wouldn't say he's a genius, just that he's entertaining. I'm just a kid and i think his songs are funny and uplifting. Jane Fonda is cool, and so is My Dick. For that fucker who said people who like him deserves to die, screw you and eat mayonnaise. Don't hate on someone better than you, you sound pathetic.

Grand. | Reviewer: Chanse | 3/1/09

After seeing the gunrap videos and fucking fakeass gangsta rap that is constantly the head of the mainstream, it is extremely refreshing to hear someone like this, who, despite ridicule and obvious differences from the rest of the world of hip-hop(his sexuality, his looks, his lyrical style), stays true to himself and brings a wild, over-the-top style of subject matter to the table that not alot of people wouldn't have the guts to do. He's not TRYING to be different, he simply is. He is really clever with the stuff he says and somehow it's comforting to listen to his more serious stuff about his drug past and criminal life because in a way,by the way he writes and delivers, you know it's true. His beats are very smooth and have a familiar touch to them, yet they match his style perfectly. Don't be ignorant, just sit back and listen with the pretense that HE IS TALKING FROM HIS LIFE. No other way. and If you still don't like it after that, well them, he's just not for you.