..GOD BLESS THE SINGER. | Reviewer: Agi Paul | 12/17/13

I So much cherish an love these song,becus is one of my favourite song it's keeps on reminding me how much God loves me..(the heart of worship).GOD BLESSED MICHAEL W. Smith and continue to strenghten him.AMEN.

Heart of worship by michael smith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/13

This song is the most inspiring of all..it tends 2remind me dat all i am and wil be is all about him<JESUS>...u don't worship for ur selfish desire or becoz u just feel like doing it..u do it bcoz it's a mandate...michael smith did a v.good job here..thank God for dat inspiration..evrything God wants from us is just a heart of worship..if u have this heart everyother thing comes as jara...heart of worship is all in one

Draw me close to you and i'm coming back to the heart of worship. | Reviewer: Deborah-Nigeria | 10/29/13

I am not here to do any correction,because music that comes from God is for edifying,exaltation,and modifying of someone's heart just like the Bible. Coming to the heart of worship is a touching song which makes a child of God to revelerance the most high God. Mr Smith i will only encourage you not to allow this dream to die take no pride in this gift,i may not have the opporunity like you but embrace it with diligent and humble yourself before Him.

Beyond d ordinary | Reviewer: David Ogbole | 10/17/13

Infact,dis song is beyond d ordinary.D 1st line of d chorus"I'm coming back 2 d hrt of worship" is wat inspires me most. D most High GOD s oly intrstd in a worship of a genuin-heartd- worshipr nd not sef-exaltd worshipr. I'm truly in luv wit dis song.

God deserve our perfect worship | Reviewer: Alfred | 10/4/13

This song really contains so many things that a genuine believer ought to know. God need nothing from you but your true heart of worship. It assumes repentance of one's sin and everything we are having is God's. May God bless you M W S, And all u that contributed in one way or the other.

Heart of worship | Reviewer: Samuel Konena-PNG | 10/1/13

Listening to the song reminds me of how special I am to God. My hwart is the heart of worshiping The Living God Almighty. Thanks M.W.S for the blessed song, its really my best song thanks man...

Thumbs up MICHEAL | Reviewer: Peace......Nigeria | 9/25/13

I wanna say a big 10k u to jikkx for dropping the lyrics nd also a big thank u to God who gave Mr MICHEAL W. SMITH the grace to preach His words through good music like "heart of worship".
This is touching.......It's all 'bout u Lord..I'm also sorry for the things I've made it.

lts all about u..it touches | Reviewer: Garikayi Matizha | 9/22/13

l never thot l could cry,until this song came ryt to ma heart..l felt wht can l do ryt to make God smile evertym he sees me as he sits on his throne..all l could do is cry and tell him hw much l luv him..

the heart of worship | Reviewer: Gracy | 8/29/13

for one to have the heart of worship, you must get determined to worship God with a pure heart because the bible says we should worship him in spirit and in truth. This song is very inspirational

Worship | Reviewer: Carole Henry | 8/23/13

I really love this song as it ministered to me in a time of need,when God was speaking to my heart and the words said it all.coming back to God whole heartedly,cos its all about him.
I wept and wept one morning in Church when they sang this song as i knew God was speaking to me through the Holy Spirit which touch my heart.

Heart Of Worship | Reviewer: Innocent Ouseb | 8/14/13

Beautifully defining the the inexpressible endless worth of Jesus. a true reflection of what divine worship is. every time i listen to this song... my heart is moved... Thank you Micheal Smith, May God bless you as you continue to share his word with us.

Heart of worship | Reviewer: Ted, N. | 7/12/13

Beautiful song, thanks for the lyrics; though I made a little change to suit my belief...v2 " though I am weak and poor" to "though am rich and strong". No Christian is weak and poor any more. Thanks to MICHAEL SMITH. I LOVE YOU.

This Song is very touching, because the main focus is Jesus | Reviewer: Brandon | 5/31/13

Glory to God in the Highest,
This song is very special for Worship as its main focus is Jesus and Jesus only thats what make it special it really touches you Jesus is the Heart of Worship. I learnt this song from my daughter

D song reveals heart worship not mouth worship | Reviewer: Adeyemi Abigail | 5/20/13

D song makes me undastnd dat d best gift i can give 2 God is MY HEART. Not mouth Worshop,but heart worship,not eye service but heart service.It's all abt avin d rigth heart,repentant heart,a humble heart a luvin heart.10X Mr Smith 4 blessing ma life.

Though am weak and poor, all i have is yours | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/13

it realy made me realise dat all that i have in my life is not realy mine, it all belongs to Jesus, even just da air dat am breathing all belongs to Jesus, i play dis song evrynyt wen going to bed, God bless us all