Reviews for The Heart Of Worship Lyrics

Performed by Michael W. Smith

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nice one | Reviewer: | 8/18/07

it's all about JESUS no one else, no one can take his place. i love this song (the heart of worship)any time i hear this sog playing it remaind me of God.thanks michael.w. smith.

A song for the heart ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/07

The song is more than the lyrics. It is a heart changing, powerful and expressive song. I am always moved each time I listen to it and it has greatly transformed my life.

it's for me | Reviewer: chloe | 7/15/07

i really like this song when i sad, i am singing.
that's my favortor song

Amazing song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

Heart of worship is a song that's really moved it. I like the song so much and I can sing it over and over again. It takes me to another level when i sing it. Guess what I'm listening to it right nw.

Great Song | Reviewer: Stephen Tettey | 5/23/07

The heart of worship really moves my heart anytime it's been played. I first heared it on radio and purchased the cd.It really takes me closer to heaven.

hart of worship | Reviewer: sister in nj | 4/20/07

i been hart of worship but jest singing along with it until, god touch mt hart and show me the meaning of the song ,,it made me cry gbu michael .w smith for god bless you with a a voice and hart of worship

a great song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/06

the song for me is really great.. when i first heard it, there was a strange feeling inside me that makes my hearts sang aloud.. there is really a different feeling everytime i hear and sing this song...

what a song! | Reviewer: steph | 2/12/06

i just got back from church and i love this song it brings the true meaning when we lack the focus on god and what really matters and start focussing on the music or the people at church we need to reevaluate ourselves!

Fantastic Song | Reviewer: Sarah | 11/21/05

This song has been my all time favorite worship song since I learned it for the first time in the sixth grade at my church. I think that it has deep spiritual meaning and that people of all ages will enjoy it.

Heart of Worship | Reviewer: | 6/1/05

Heart of worship is my favorite Christian songs, and one of my favorite songs overall. We sing it at youth a lot, and everybody likes it. Its just an awesome song.

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