not for the rest of us | Reviewer: ozzie_freddo | 6/18/11

It is good that one muso has realised that the music is not the most important thing and has worded an apology....but why do the rest of us (non-musos) have to repeatedly sing his apology? It is hypocritical for us to sing stuff that is not true!

God be praise. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/11

so amazing that a song of this kind is not so common,whenever the song come through my mind i see why i should praise the lord, i ask for his mercy and really sorry for my not be faithful because he and him alone deserve all the worship.Thanks to the Almighty for giving his son Micheal to do this song.

Awesome | Reviewer: Bridget Thomas | 5/19/11

I'm truly blessed by this song. God has a way of bringing situations into your life that will cause you to step back and say, "God, if it had not been for your grace and mercy I could not have survived this one." Thank you for such a great song. It really fits my situation at this time. I am reminded that I need to look beyond me, to Him. I've been singing it all day.


Michael, I'm certain that you've touched the true heart of worship; it is more than a song, it is more than who we are but whose we are- Christ is all and in all-I have been blessed profoundly because your choice of words communicates that it is beyond talent/giftings but a true relationship with Jesus...we don't have a song if we know Him not, we cannot bless hearts if He is not in our's all about Him and more than a song He indeed requires...see you in heaven someday

Fulfilment | Reviewer: Michael Brown | 5/14/11

Each time I listen to this song I reflect on the way I serve my God. It exposes the lapses in and makes me understand that I still need to do more as I've not even started. The song takes me deeper and deeper in love, making so fulfilled at the end of the day.

Repentant heart | Reviewer: 'Yemi Odeniyi | 4/10/11

It is very easy to be carried away by the hustling and bustling of life . Each time i listen to this music, it brings me down to my knees, filled with the thougth of Him that He created us for HIMSELF, to worship His Supremacy and Excellency. So often i found myself not placing Him above everything. Listening to this song gives me sense of brokeness of heart, repentance, re commitment to the lover of my soul, my Lord my maker, the author and the finisher of my faith.
Thank you Michael for this song, may God continue to use you as a vessel of honor for His kingdom

Music that Counts | Reviewer: Pearl McCullough | 1/10/11

I am a singer and have the upmost appreciation for music that speaks to the heart. The lyrics take me into the presence of God. Thank you Michael for your gift and the inspiration you bring. I would love the opportunity to sing this song with you(smile).

Lord, you are great | Reviewer: FS | 1/5/11

It is amazing how God can use someone to bless us through a song. He reveals his mercy and worth through testimonies, songs and even word of mouth. He is great and worthy to be praised in every aspect of our lives. When we have a hard time, we should still thank because if he had not created us, then we would have been nothing. He chose us to live in a world full of two extreems love and war but more and more he reveals to us that he can do anything and he will make anything happen. The next time you are too tired to pray, think who gave you the ability to sleep, wake up and even have a bed to crash on. ALL WE CAN DO AND SHOULD DO IS PRAISE HIM!

Inspiration | Reviewer: coxwell ong'iro | 10/14/10

Till now i have known that when we have to sing for the loard its just that you cant escape.take example of jeremiah who G od put His words in his mouth,he was not in a potions to avoid todo what God Had sent him to do.I will sing for the Lord our God and make Him praises for He is the Lord!

cheddi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/10

when everyone sees the outward part of who i am, Jesus sees much deeper, i am getting back to the heart of worship, wher its all about jesus... for all things are by Him and through Him.... love this song

so nice.. | Reviewer: inluvwithhim | 9/23/10

iv heard this song on our retreat way back on college. and it was a kind of song that will really touch one's heart. i was like something that a song writer get up from a long sleep...(selfishness of one's self)forgetting that everything we have,should be inspired by HIM...

poweerful God | Reviewer: toyosi | 7/28/10

av heard d chorus of dis song countless tyms, buh dere came a time i stumbled on the full song in my music player on my laptop n just dere nd den i fell in love wit the song... i've searched deeper within n found that its all about God...i culd slip away frm his will, buh its totally all about him

it's all about you jesus everything is all about YOU | Reviewer: Krenel | 4/10/10

this song i heard in church for the first time and didnt know the words. Things where really going bad in my life and my heart was just broken by life itself i asked god to just help and take over. On a friday morning i woke up and this SONG was ringing in my ear. I immediately downloaded it and played it whilst i was going to shower this song had such AN impact that i cried and cried till dressed for work. Thank you for your words in this song because it is really about jesus. God bless love krenel south africa durban

insiprational | Reviewer: Ivy James | 4/1/10

I am always inspired by his songs.. mostly this heart of worship ( soul-lifting). it makes me sober for the wrongs i'v done and i always get full assurance that God has forgiven through this worship.

thank u lord 4 u michael | Reviewer: michelle | 3/7/10

i m an ivorian woman who hearted this song in very hard time of my life, god spoke me throuht this song and since i listen to this wonderful words every time i can to join my heart to my brother to whorship the only one: JESUS.
Great thank for you michael