this is a song of declaration | Reviewer: nengak | 1/9/10

I was faced with a critical situation that is capable of undermining my faith in Christ but when I listened to this song, there is this sense of relief from inside me telling the people behind my situation that Christ is What I am Living for.

What an inspiration!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/09

I have been fighting for so long with mylsef wanting to beleive that it's all about what I want for my life and that any and everything else did not matter until I came across this song. I've come to understand that my life is not my own but my Masters'. God bless you Michael.

Thank You, Jesus! | Reviewer: Arly Wang | 11/25/09

I was totally frustrated and in pain ever since my husband and I had a big argument. I was listening to this song when God spoke to my heart and reminded me that HE was my FIRST LOVE... This song had a great impact in my life and I am very thankful to God for HIS great love to me and to my husband and to those people around us. God Bless You Michael and the all the songs you are offering to the Living and Loving God!

Looking for Jesus! | Reviewer: Maureen Martin | 11/12/09

From the day I heard this song, I knew that the Lord was calling me back to the secret place, my first love, where He was my every motive and song and word and action. Sometimes in worship the focus changes to the importance of getting all the voices in tune whilst forgetting to engage the all important instrument for true worship 'the heart'. I received a severe yet gentle heart attack as the Lord knocked on the door of my heart and showed me His grace that egnited the firey passion that had faded. Last year I was blessed by a friend that I hadn't seen for ages, they said 'I saw you on the choir, you were singing your heart out! Indeed I was, thanks be to and all the glory goes to my Lord and Saviour that restored my heart and joined it back to His. Now I can declare Jesus is the heart of my worship and is my song. Think about it deeply, if it wasn't for Jesus and His love for us all, would we have a song to sing? Let's show forth His praise in a surrendered lifestyle of worship from a true heart of thankfulness. to the oldies, do you know this one, 'thank You Lord for saving my soul, thank You Lord for making me whole, thank You Lord forgiving to me, Thy great salvation so full and so free!

marvelous | Reviewer: michael M. Bondjobo | 10/7/09

This song is all about my savior. The one whom I owe all because of his blood... When I focus on what it says I acknowledge how great is his love for me. And I can feel my own words insufficient to express his love for me. Then I understand that it's a fate for me to live for him. I will never cease to bless the lord for Michael W. Smith.

Lord, I want to live in your sanctuary all the days of my life for it's all about you jesus. Amen!

WOooho | Reviewer: joanne higgins | 8/31/09

we song this song at church it is actually about a pastor and his congregation who drifted away from God and tho they song hyms they werent singing with lve and joy so the pastor decided to cut off the instruments and just let them sing with their voices they all got closer to God through this this song basically says sometimes you have to cut off all the music and focus on the words and what your saying and actually mean them dont just let it be any song

The Heart of Worship | Reviewer: Dennis | 7/6/09

This song is clearly mentioned that it is all about Jesus, our Savior. It is not about us, not about our feelings and not even our emotions on how we were touched by the song but simply we have to surrender ourselves to the Lord. SURRENDER-the heart of worship..

The Heart of Worship | Reviewer: Udeme Rufus | 5/18/09

The first time I came across this song was on an internet radio. Then I didn't know the lyrics. Last sunday, this song was ministered with the lyrics projected.
It was a flaming experience and encounter with God!Everyone broke down in tears.
This is more than a song. This song is heavily anointed.

amazing | Reviewer: rach | 5/5/09

This song is so uplifting and wonderful. It's amazing how when i sing it it brings tears to my eyes. because my mom had a friend that used to live around here, she became like my aunt. She taught me how to play this song on the piano, and we always used to sing it together. Then she moved almost all the way across the country, this song reminds me of her. She really helped me in a lot of ways- she helped me know God and draw close to him, and she was always there when i was feeling down. She's my role model, and now all i want is to give my life to the Wonderful, Amazing, Perfect Lord.


Guards your heart with all diligence,,,,,,,,,,,[PROV.4; 23} | Reviewer: adewale | 3/5/09

This is a worship song that brings one to God awesome presence,I have always being bless for it uplifts my soul anytime I listened and worship along. God dwells in the praises of His people., but we must worship Him in spirit and in truth.
Praise the Lord!

WOW! | Reviewer: Linda Gilbert | 2/26/09

I've been singing this song for years but last Sunday I was singing it while it was on Family radio and it suddenly hit me: I've been a christian for 25 years but my relationship with God has ALWAYS been about ME! All my prayers were full of; Please protect......Please look after......please take care of......please fix up.......please, please, please all about me and what I want. I am ashamed to say that though I felt I had brought up all my children for The Lord, I taught them all to pray like this too. Now I pray ONLY with THANKS and I teach my son at home this now too. I'm sorry God. It's taken 25 years to wake up.

THIS IS JUST THE RIGHT SONG | Reviewer: Kingsley Egbe | 1/29/09

I believe this song has a special lifting spirit cause i have been really depressed in this period of my life and felt all hope was lost but when i got a friends IPOD and listened to some songs in it, i came across the gospel song and immediately was moved to learn the song and i tell you the truth, things has never been the same again for me. I give God almighty the Glory

my encounter | Reviewer: ria21 | 1/10/09

it such a nice song... nice is not even enough. i 've gone through a lot of ups and downs and everytime that i feel like im lossing purpose / direction i look up and listen to His voice from within... then afterwards i'd be singing this song with all my heart. its like a renewal of vow for Him. we cant hide antythijng from Him , He knows us inside/out. even the words that we are just about to utter and thge thoughts that we have in mind. how awesome is He who brings life! He took very care in molding me/us... Holy is He. :)

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/08

i remember when we singing on the christian cafe in manado, indonesia. My friend from sidney share story about this song, and when we sing i look many tears come from pople eyes on the room. i know because Holly Spirit come.

Yes, it IS based on the bible | Reviewer: Peter | 8/13/08

Actually, there is one lyric in particular with a specific connection to scripture:

"A person looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart." -- I Samuel 16:7

Yes, Lord... You search much deeper within, through the way things appear. You're looking into my heart!

Of course, if you're willing to look, the song has numerous other sentiments based on soundly biblical principles.