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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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06/09/2012 | Reviewer: Margaretha Octavia | 6/9/12

wow i really like this songs, its touching my heart
first time when i listen this song
till im crying, remember that i never worship and praying again.
i feel many mistakes I've made and i think my life was messy
im very blessed by this songs
yes Its all about You Jesus
thx to share the lyrics
God bless michael:)

It's time to worship the Father in Truth and Spirit.. | Reviewer: Fred Attah Omonu. From Kaduna state, Nigeria. | 6/8/12

When ever i sing this song (Heart of worship), it draws my attention to the conversation Jesus had with the samaritan Woman... This song brings me to a realm that i actually pour out my heart and my all to God in worship, and i realised that having a heart of worship is what it takes to worship God in truth and in Spirit, because true worship comes from the heart. It is no wonder that scripture says that "i will give them a heart to know me". King David also asked God to create in Him a clean heart..If we must worship God the way He wants us to, then our hearts must be renewed. And the renewed heart is the heart of worship.
This is a song whose impact and Spirit is always new, touching millions of lives on daily basis all over the world.. Michael W. Smith may God continue to Keep you and increase His grace Upon Your life and Ministry in Jesus Name. Amen.

This song can never fade | Reviewer: Edo Stella in Gombe Nigeria. | 5/14/12

Every time i study the lyrics of this song i am reminded again that wen i worship it must come from my heart, i need to always sing with understanding and grace in my heart to God. After all its all about HIM and not me nor my hearers.

Al about jesus | Reviewer: Alice wanjiru | 5/12/12

Wow i listen to this song over n over again,it brings back to whea i belong am 4 jesus n when i listen to it i feel His presence n accepted bak in His arms despite of ma strays bcoz its al about Jesus i cant without Hin even 4 a second. thanx Michael n b blessed.

Worship: More than a song | Reviewer: General O. | 5/9/12

The truth remains that EVERYTHING is about God and EVERYTHING was Created for His GLORY. Worship is more than the songs or the rhythms of our instruments,its more than our beautiful voices, worship is about A TOTAL SURRENDER, regardless of who we are or what we are going through. Worship is about giving God what He deserves; our hearts,our devotion,our love. Selah

i always feel a kind of touch wen eva i listen 2 dis song | Reviewer: Ruth Ejeh | 4/29/12

i really feel guity within me weneva i listen 2 dis song, coz wen eva i listen 2 d music itself i feel as if am not treating God right so i always search my heart and ask God for his forgiveness... I really love dis music pls permit me 2 dedicate it 2 me

It's a song that reminds us that we'r notin witout him | Reviewer: Ukegul | 4/13/12

At some point in my life ,i thought i cud make it all on my own due to challenges i was dawn on me once wen i got on knees to cry out my hrt to him,i jst got to knw dt i'm notin witout him.i kept listenin to this song over and over n then i got dt i owe my all to him,bcos he stil luvs me despite my flaws.

POWERFUL | Reviewer: Malla E Solomona | 4/1/12

Listening to this song,singing to it and meditating upon the words just builds His presence of worship and once againd draws me near to His throne.
Such an amazing,powerful and annointed worship song."IT SURELY IS ALL ABOUT JESUS"......AMEN!!

heart of worship | Reviewer: solomon friday | 2/28/12

This song invite the lord into my heart,and we minister it in church its open the flood gate of heaven and rain down the presence of God in our midst.....its just a song i can du without every seconds,minutes,hour,day,week,month and year.thank GOD this song of restoration...halleluyah.

so touching | Reviewer: yolanda phiri | 2/3/12

this song is so touching it made me reflect on my past and my heart bled seeing what i have done in the past but all glory to God for raising such a talented man whose music edifies our souls and helps to draw us closer to our God

The Heart of Worship | Reviewer: William | 1/26/12

The song further goes to underscore the fact that praise and worship is part of the requirements we need in accessing the throne of God in other to bring down His glory, with the heart poured out in all sincerity, appreciations, genuine repentance, praising and worshiping God.

May God continue to increase your anointing in Jesus Name.

heart of worship | Reviewer: Akpotegwa emmanuel | 1/25/12

Most at times in life we forget that, whatever we'hav achieved is all about God, we have been captured by circular songs and we no longer sing songs that will edify our spirit man.
God is calling us back to worship him in spirit and in truth john 4:24.
thanks michael for making yourself available for God to use you:-)

this song is a life saving song | Reviewer: abraham wilson | 12/28/11

am from Ghana, 16 years and like to share my thoughts about the song, it's like magic when ever i listen to this i feel guilt for all the sins i have committed and gives me a chance to go on my knees and pray to God for my sins. May God bless for the wonderful thing you are doing through music.

Inspired song indeed! | Reviewer: Seun | 11/7/11

All inspired songs are for the edification of the soul of man.Even if everything should pass away,the word of God remains.Everything is all about Jesus-the author and finisher of our faith.God bless Micheal.

cart b4 d horse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

i'm gr8ful to God for inspirg Michael to come up wt ds song.truly we ve made worship to be what it is nt supposed to be.we make minor music matters matter more than major music matter-H I M-His Infinite Majesty.we shd nt put music of worshp b4 meang of worshp;act b4 heart;rhythm of song b4 riches of song;talent to sing b4 content of song.indeed we av put many thgs b4 him,bt NOW God is caling us back to d HEART OF WORSHIP. Praise God.

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