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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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Healing | Reviewer: Gladys kalua | 7/12/14

We love u Michael bcoz ur songs bring great reveration and understanding. They r uplifting songs. When we hear them with understanding they bring a change. God bless u Michael.


What a great healing that flows direct from the springs of healing in Heaven above as I listen to this song! this is real inspiration.God bless M.W.S.

streams of healing flows through HIM | Reviewer: Stanley Izunwanne | 5/22/14

This is indeed a pure and awesome inspiration from the throne of Grace. Thank God for a man like Brother Micheal Smith who is always avaliable to recieve from the throne of grace for us.

rain that bring spiritual healing | Reviewer: AYANRINOLA S A | 3/19/14

I can not do without this song. It send healing that can be felt into my spirit. Anytime I am weak of praying and reading the word of God, if i just play this song revival will start immediately in my being and my whole system will experience healing. Mr M W Smith is an annoited worshiper, this generation is blessed and furtunate to have him.

Healing rain that heals the broken hearted | Reviewer: Bernard Isaac Okpe | 11/23/13

This song healing rain has really touched my heart of heart. It has poured down the blessing of healing to my soul. The song is awesome, it inspires me so much dat i can't help but cry when singing it

Awesome piece of work | Reviewer: the principles of adeatology | 10/28/13

Great words from the streams of life, thanks to brother Michael who always sits at the feet of the king to get these fresh lyrics. Healing spread when one listens to these words...

Miss | Reviewer: Chauke Evidence Rivoningo | 10/24/13

I love this song alot because I see that healing rain is falling down @ my family,my life,my exam and @ everyone. I thank the Mighty God because His rain is falling down to us,so that we can be healed.

Healing of Feeling | Reviewer: Narain Sharma | 10/5/13

The song is super in its rhyme
Content to syntax make sublime
But what the people other than you
Nature is common, lo, you branded for few
Deferring wits of word 'Naman'
Goodness is there all in heaven.
Let's learn to stand true to swell
Not for a few but to all who dwell !

Healing rains. | Reviewer: Innocent k. Jacobs. | 7/5/13

If there z one thing that i would ever long 2 feel, is the healng rains ov God..coz ts difrnt 4rm all rainfals, this is a kind of rains that heals both the physical n spiritual being ov a prsn..God bless his blesd by this song..Halellujah!!

The only rain that heals our infermity | Reviewer: Godswill Monday | 1/7/13

I've come to realise that its only the healing rain of God that heal us of what ever sickness we may have, and when once we are washed in this rain our life will never be the same again.

This is uncle Lawrence B | Reviewer: SISA LAWRENCE B | 7/3/12

I love this song because i know that the healing rain of God can heal all our diseases, so thank God who gave this song to Micheal w smith, And pray that God should gave him more strength.

healing rain review | Reviewer: ginny sparks | 9/14/06

I am going to read the lyrics from your song, Healing Rain, at a church service for world peace tonight, if that is OK with you.
Ginny Sparks

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