Heavenly inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/12 | Reviewer: Chidi Paul | 12/10/12

Dis song alwayz remind me of renewing my relationship with God whenever i listen to it.tnks 2 God who gave bro smith such a song 2 help pple lyk us so as 2 renew our relationship wit HIM(GOD)

reviving | Reviewer: adeyemi stephen | 12/7/12

i'm reminded of how God has led me all this years just by His Grace.it is beyond my understanding and in till eternity i cannot explain it.thank you lord Jesus for this great grace.i will forever be grateful.a great song from m.w smith

All i want is All of you. | Reviewer: Peter Apochi | 11/27/12

Its a song that always remind me of where i'v been, where i am now and where would have been if His grace did not find me. Sir Smith, i believe your songs are Holy Spirit inspird, always short and easy to leanrn but power packed,soul winning and reviving. May This Grace keep you and guide you. Some of us will embrace you in heaven and thank the Father for creating you.

Awesum Grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/12

Whenever i listen to this song,i can't help but cry.God's grace brings us 4rm sinners to saints,from nothing to something,4rm a nobody to somebody.without d grace of God upon our lives,we are nothing but morsels of bread.Thank you Michael.W.Smith for reminding us of the efficiency and importance of God's grace.May His grace flow in every ramification of your life.

Grace review | Reviewer: Israel | 10/19/12

The first time that my gilrfriend heard the song , tears welled up from her eyes ,and the curious thing was that she didn't Even understand the Lyrics.
Thanks God for your grace upon us.

God's Love | Reviewer: OFORI | 8/7/12

Wow, God is indeed with us. this song is a direct inspiration from the Holy Spirit. i was sleeping when i first heard it and i could hear my heart singing along... Oh God, revive me and forever inspire your ministers- Michael Smith.. you shall indeed be the choirmaster in heaven. if i dont meet you on this earth, we sure shall meet in paradise... Ofori George. Ghana

Timeless Echo | Reviewer: Ejembi S. Ados | 7/19/12

Bro. Smith, the word "ya" should be smelt out as "you" for the seriousness of a timeless prayer as this. However, may you never miss the Lord's grace till His coming, for you are such a blessing to my generation. I've never missed a day of listening to this song, over and over again. Remain in the Lord's blessings and be rapturable.

1 | Reviewer: Rafis (kyrgyzstan) | 6/27/12

Dear brother Smith! I dont speak endlish well, but i understand every frase in this song. God touchs me every time when i listen this song. God bless you. I hope we will meet in paradise!

God lives | Reviewer: JOLAIYA STEPHEN OYEWOLA | 6/9/12

My life get remewed each moment i listen to this song,God bless you Br Michael


The first day i heard this song i was nearly weeping for the leading of GOD in its composition which was timely and fit for all season.Bro smith, this is what we need and want.More of GOD in you. Shalom.

srengthens | Reviewer: Adegboye Praise | 1/16/12

Oh my God,what a special song,have been so far from God when i heared this song,it brought me back to my father garden,i was,rejuvinated by dis song,dat grace search me out from d pit of sin where i was.Glory to God,Thanks to smith and more grace.Adegboye Praise Nigeria.

listen carefully the words of songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/11

This song was sung for Lucifer, there is no way God intents Christians to fly in order to color the sky

" He gave me wings so I could fly
And gave me a song to color the sky"

Lucifer is depicted as an fallen angel, not a human being. And thus who worship him travel through astral, thus are supposed to have mystical wings...then we have the rainbow coloring the Sky... The rainbow colors is widely used in magic, witchcraft, satanism and so on.

What an awesome GRACE | Reviewer: Tobin | 12/29/11

This song reminds me that the grace of God knows no bounds. No wonder the bible tells us that while we where yet sinners, Christ came and died for us. With the grace of God, I am everything. Thank you Smith 4 this soul reviving song. Its Indeed a song worth listening to everyday.

Princess 4rm Nigeria | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

I've heard so many of M.W.S songs bt this is an exception. I cried wen I first heard d song nd d song brought me back to Christ. Michael, U are a blessing Humanhood and to all Christians. More grease 2 ur elbow.

Glory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/11

This song is my night and morning dose. a dose when going to bed and one when waking up. Michael, your are singing heaven's orchestra, I hope we see in that choir above. Keep up the faith. Jonathan Nigeria