All by God grace | Reviewer: Adesoji Adewale | 3/30/13

I actually receive this song from my brother,i dont listen to it untill,i wanna sleep on ester friday 2013,and i just feel like hearing music,i saw it and connect my earpiece,i heard it alone,i started crying because i see the grace of the Lord in my soul,my heart ,my family,my educational part,i felt sorry for my sinful act,i totaly buried my face on my sofa............

it's God's grace!! Pls keep on shinning on me | Reviewer: idorenyin udoh | 3/1/13

i've had this song since the first month of 2013, bt i've been unable to listen to it as i hv only gospel onmy phone, bt abt three wks ago it finally did reach my hearing n i listened to it from abt 10pm to 5am i did so crying while i ws filled wit so much joy. All i hv is all from you and all i want is all of you. Pls lord keep shinning on me!

All by His Grace | Reviewer: Dupe Gold | 2/21/13

Grace!Grace!Grace! It's been His Grace all the way,His Grace has been in abundant in my life am where and all i am by this Grace.thanks Michael W Smith for this wonderful song i love it!

Just Grace | Reviewer: Blessing | 2/9/13

Without His Grace I'm not in any sense worthy of Life. He Brought me from the pit that leads only to destruction into the Way of LIFE.....just Grace....all by His Grace.
God bless U sir,Bro Micheal smith.
God will keep us till the end,and embrace each other in HEAVEN.

Grace | Reviewer: Owolabi Bibitayo | 2/2/13

I was given a password for this year 2013, indeed God made me understand that I'm a product of His grace. Indeed I'm. I'm nothing without you and everything with you.I love you Lord and thanks for this song.

All is Grace | Reviewer: Tuyi emma | 1/20/13

I always thought i could witheld myself during satan's temptation, but one day failed then i realise that it's all Grace truely i'm nothing without it. All my strenght, ability towards rightousness, success, even my being alive: all is by grace. Thank God for this song.

Spirit feel song | Reviewer: Duke lea | 1/18/13

Am tremedious bless and being inspire by this very song,my long for this song alot.special thanks to God almighty,thanks to micheal w smith and all those who has made this song a success.(from Duke lea)Benin city,Nigeria

Grace upon Grace | Reviewer: Oluwatope idowu | 1/17/13

This is the song that brings my brain to its sense, my spirit to God and my flesh to humiliation.
Am wretched and poor but his grace is what i enjoy. Michael W. Smith, God bless you

The Grace | Reviewer: Dennis Mshelia | 1/16/13

The song has change my life,is hearing the song but from the heart its the best way to live by grace,always hv the heart of grace and mercy,and ur life will never remain thesame again

Grace! Grace!! | Reviewer: Ifeoluwa john | 1/11/13

I've been listening to this song bt doesn't have a deep meaning to me until i understood the revived my soul and reminds me that i'm still a mortal's his grace.

Edifies | Reviewer: Segun Adebanjo from nigeria | 1/9/13

There is no other way to enjoy this song than singing the lines of the song and meaning them from the heart. I've done this and i was healed from a weary heart. It is a catalyst for keeping and maintaining a sound relationship with God

Grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/13

The song is graceful as the tittle implies. but it has a litle error from the first the first verse with that of the second then you will get the error.thank u God bless u

Who am i a mortal man | Reviewer: Iyawe Divine | 12/30/12

Of a truth it has been Gods unmerited compassion for my life and family that has kept us and that his Gods Grace this song has done a lot of stuff to my spirit making me have a remorse God loves me so so much i want more of you lord the lord Strenghten Bro micheal w Smith

The Tears have been endless... | Reviewer: SupaMan (Lagos, Nigeria) | 12/12/12

I've been listening to this song for the past 30mins and I just couldn't stop crying for joy. If only men can understand the grace of God in Christ. This is now my best song...I'm nothing without grace!
Michael, great job by the Holy Ghost!

God's extraordinary grace | Reviewer: Tolulope Ajao | 12/12/12

If not for God's sufficient grace where will i be today.This wonderful song keeps reminding me of how much God loves us.It is by his grace we are called the sons and daughters of God and no matter how stubborn one may prove to be,God is ready to accept us back through his infinity grace anytime we are ready to follow him.