spirit reviving/reviewer ayobel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/11

The songs is a powerful one and it brings heaven to earth when ever i played it. And i can see that the love of God to human race is exceedingly great. To smith; thanks for that rhema.Cheers. ayobel from Nigeria.

soul touchinfg | Reviewer: kyei baffour | 8/8/11

i ve heard a lot of songs from great artistes but none of them ever made me feel the love of God for me like this one.The first day i heard it,tears welled up in my eyes.This song truly has a touch of the holy spirit and i wanna thank michael for allowing God to use him to bless this generation.KYEI,Ghana

Awesome | Reviewer: ShowBaller | 7/16/11

This song from the lyrics to the rendition ministers the Love of God for mankind..trading the sweet heaven for a wooden cross is more than an extent God'll go to show us His Love...Great Song Michael...God'll increase your dexterity...ShowBaller from Nigeria

God bless u | Reviewer: Goodnews Andrew | 7/6/11

Ever since I had the song for the very first time, I never stopped playing it over and over again. Every lyric of the song is a blessing to my destiny. Thank you so much Micheal. You have been a blessing. Your oil will never stay. I love you

Grace | Reviewer: Miriam | 6/26/11

The very frst tym i heard dis song it touched m. Everytym i listen 2 it i knw dat heavenly father loves m n hs grace is always upon us... When u in trouble n u think theres no hope jst call JESUS he wil b wth u until the end.

Extravagant Grace | Reviewer: Courage | 6/8/11

This song showed me the extent to which God loved me,as well as what He would do just to save me.....
If Christ could forgo all the glories of heaven just for me,then why wont I live for me....
A great song from Michael Smith. Everyone should listen to this at least twice every morning so that we will always understand that there is a Great God who has us in mind.
Courage from Nigeria

Mighty move of God. | Reviewer: Ebite.o.kelvin | 5/27/11

Sometimes when i play d song i cry.some other time my heart is ful wit joy knowing hw much he love. D song reassure me dat God grace is always there 4 me. I just want to thk God 4 d life of m.w.s. U are a blessing 2 men thk u God 4 dis gift. Nigeria.

Grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/11

I wish you would know how much your song ministered to me, i almost shed tears when i listened and felt the lyrics. You didnt compose that song, God did. Any right thinking human being would be humbled if he listens to your song.

Touching | Reviewer: peter kibii | 5/4/11

When i heard this song it really humbled my heart. i love all mws songs but this one really took my breath away. i play it often because it makes me feel that God's Grace is sufficient. thanks mws please come to Kenya. iam peter from kenya.

Touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

Some times I tend to be critical, and thus judge or disdain others for their shortcomings. This song helps me remember what I have forgotten: I'm nothing without Him, I'm just as weak, and my criticism is only a sign of my own weakness.
How badly I need His grace.
This song humbles me.
Help me, Lord. Amen.

Grace | Reviewer: Paul | 4/22/11

This song is one in my heart. When i need connection 2 remember how i was found in Christ n 2 think of d great things of what He has done n where He's taking me to.....its dis song dat helps me through. Thanks 2 God as well as Michael Smith. 4rm Nigeria

soul lifting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/11

when i heard dis song i was forced to get d lyrics nd score d song.it reminds me of d grace which is d reason i am alive. '4give me lord wen i'm weak nd lost u traded heaven 4 a wooden cross' is my bst line in d song. Your grace,grace i'm nothing without u.....

Patient nyembo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/10

Just say love u so much michael w. Smith, when i heard all of your songs i'm fell better. Majesty, purified, friends are friends forever, and more! God bless you michael. I live in democratique republic of congo.

touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

thank you for all songs of the album especialy "grace" they are very touching. i cant be upset or sad for long anymore if i put the cd its just amazing how i sudenly feel better. i love you michael w smith, u help me connect with God i feel like am more and more closer to God like never before...

very very beautiful song grace | Reviewer: katongole fred | 8/12/10

ihave loved this song because of one thing the song speaks to people`s hearts mr michael may God
greatly reward you accordingly me all of your songs are good to me not even being good but the speak to me thanks /
Fred Katongole
from Uganda East Africa