Grace make a man shine | Reviewer: Obute Fredrick A | 8/4/14

This song of MICHEAL W SMITH, blessing's my heart, touch's my heart and a love song to God, and any time i prayed the song i feel the movement of angels on my side. Without his grace i don't no where would i be now His grace make me stand spiritually, physically, academically financially, family. Thank you Jesus.

another holy spirit inspired song by Michael W Smith | Reviewer: yemi ogundele | 7/28/14

The first time i heard this song,i was moved to tears.Every song by Michael W Smith is truly inspired by the holy Spirit.Most of his songs make up the ring tones on my phone.God bless you MWS for taking bringing us closer to His throne of Grace

It's all of Grace | Reviewer: Jerome | 6/10/14

I listened to this song today for 8 hours and touched the Spirit of d song.until you come to the end of urself, you may never appreciate His GRACE. Whenever I reach the point where I can't go on, I play dis song and reach out for GRACE. Tanx Smith!

@staniyke19 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/14

When I ear this song I use to feel change in my life. cause if not for is grace I dnt even no where and what my life will be.....I wanna re-sing it in my new album..... I love u micheal w.smith buh God love you more .....please follow on twitter @staniyke ....tanks

the gr'ce of God upon a man... 24/01/14 | Reviewer: Adeyinka Samuel | 1/24/14

i thank God, because God is God no matter the situation we find ourselves...
Who is man that thou God is mindful of him, the son of man that you God had made the angles a little lower than him.. What a mighty grace upon us..

His grace | Reviewer: fabuluje ifeoluwa | 1/9/14

I woke up earlier than usual one mornin (3:00am) n I wz goin thru d songs on my phone n dis song struck me,every word of it n d anointing behind d lyrics..God's grace is our sufficiency...His grace makes us who we hv never imagined to b in our lives....God's amazing,indescribable grace.God bless Smith M.W.

undeserving grace | Reviewer: hannah | 12/17/13

i am blessed by this song,because each time i play it, i am always reminded of God's unconditional love and undeserving grace which he has blessed the human race with especially me. God bless you Micheal

Grace Just Grace | Reviewer: Godefroid Kabangu | 12/15/13

I Used To Hear This Song, But One Day I Heard It Differentely. I Was At Work Playing 'Grace' In Headset, And Tears Begun Flowing On My Cheeks. This Song Was Talking About Me, About All Goodness Of God In My Life. God Bless You Michael W. Smith.

what grace means 2 me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/13

When it seems to me as if all hope ws lost, then God's is all i need. D first time i heard dis song it ws arround mid nit, behold as d song ws playing i started weeping and felt sorry 4 al my shortcoming. I visited google 2 search 4 d song, cox i luv singing it as am hearing it 2. Mr Micheal i pray dat we wil al sing 2gether in heaven.

Atmosphere of God | Reviewer: Daniel IDUH | 11/16/13

Most times, as a writer you put down your pen on a paper and nothing comes out, you realy want to write something but you have nothing to write. I was in this situation one sunday morning when GRACE began to play on my fm radio. It was instantaneous. The atmosphere around me became instantly charged....".....grace, your grace, im nothing without you...." By the time the song finished playing, it was like I was plucked out of God's presence. I immediately called the fm station and demanded from them who the artiste was as I didnt know at the time. I was told it was Michael W. Smith. From then, when ever I feel out of God's presence I play the STAND albulm and God's Grace has been sufficient.

His Grace iis infinity | Reviewer: prince | 11/14/13

This was d first michael smith song that made me like him so much,,,,the song realy touched me the first time i heard it and any time i'm listening to it, i use to play it over and over again and before i know it..tears will start coming outta mah eyes. I love the song so much and it was one of my best song since i change my life and start listening to gospel musics

"Grace" | Reviewer: Carl mason | 11/10/13

I cry every time I play this song... I hurt because I know that he loves me so much and keep running from him... And all he gives is unconditional grace. It's very true when you hear the saying .." Jesus isn't all you need until he's all you got." Even now I'm choked up, please if anyone. Reads this.. Please pray for me... I struggle with horrible depression and guilt and anger at god, but I don't want to be angry at him. I'm struggling with constant thoughts of suicide and just wishing I could fall asleep and never wake up. I played this song and heard a sweet faint voice calling out to me with nothing but love and compassion. Am I alone with my cross? Please someone tell me out there I'm not alone. Even better email me

Gods loving grace | Reviewer: fidelis obinna | 10/10/13

I was in a bus traviling to skul in june 2012, so i began to play the songs in my phone. Sooner and latter, the song ''grace'' by michael w smith was next. When d song ''grace'' was playing, suddenly i felt a different change. I began to think of my past, prasent and the future. After d song ended, i replayed it over and over again. D song ws d first song i ave ever played that made me cry. I was seeing d mightyness & greatness of God. I was really touched by the song and understand that everything i ave ws giving to me by God! I pray that God will continue to use u to minister to people and at the end heaven is ur reward. Love u!!!

I'm nothing without You. | Reviewer: Grace | 10/5/13

The song is inspiring. After returning home from a tedious journey, I was melancholic and I decided to listen to a song and Your grace played. I never regret bearing the name"Grace" because it's as if the song was specially composed for me. Mr. Smith, I pray you will sing with the angels in heaven and God will continue to keep you in His GRACE!

God's Amazing Grace. | Reviewer: Mercy | 9/4/13

His Grace has been so Amazing upon my Life in general,my family and all that surrounds me.This song inspires me alot to think back about my life in the past and what it is like now and what it is going to be.All has been,all is and all will be WELL by His Amazing Grace.