grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/10

Wow when a 1st heard the song a jst knw dat ma God has chngd ma lyf completely when a play song lyk grace a jst feel da presence of da holy spirit, a play it over n over agn thnkn of dis grace dat God has given me al da thngz av done agnst Hm bt stil He 4gves me oh wat a grace thanx 2 u God 4 ppl lyk Michael W Smith.4rm Lizo. South Africa

congratulations | Reviewer: manassé | 7/20/10

my name is manassé and i lov M.W.Smith because he his a very christian's singer and that song "grace" is one of my favorite because when i listen it i remenber that if i'm alive now it's grace of god.

grace sung at concert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/10

I heard Michael W.Smith sing it at Overlake Church it snowed later that night. I STILL have the "Grace" T-shirt. He sang it again at Christian Faith Center tonight. Still holds true and sounds great!!!

grace/melissa urbina | Reviewer: melissa urbina | 6/7/10

l lov ths song .grace.
my fav part is when mr.michael w.smith sings the part of !!!!n all ths years you've carried me, you've been my eyes when i could not see n beauty grows in the driving rain your oil of gladness in the times of lucky i met ms alma aguilar ..she gave me the cd..of a new hallelujah...well peps shes actually my councelor ..n also my second momie ..she hv help me in lots of thngs im going throug rigth now ..n lokking at her n listening to her it feels lk im talking to my father ..goD...she goes to lake wood church ...thnks ms aguilar ..missing u lots .. meliSsa aka miSsy ....lov u god wth all my heart ...thnks fo giving me a second chancein life ..n fo putting ms aguilar on my way ...thnks fo making mereallize tht i was messing up my life ..i hv to keep working on tht doe..pero thnks ...

Splendid | Reviewer: Femi | 4/26/10

I heard this piece on was unfortunate that i didnt listen to it from the beginning.but the little part of the song i heard made me fall in love with the song.I've been looking for the c.d since then but i didn't find one to watch or to buy.I've been trying to download it since on my phone but the operamini here is not a signed version.i love you michael from ekiti state nigeria

Grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/09

I loved d song GRACE by Micheal Smith d very ist day I heard it 4rm a colleagues phone @ work in our lab.Quickly I tranferred it into my phone,learned d lyrics.I'm tryn to learn the melody with my guitar and hope to play it live in church one sunday as a special number.It's simply my kind of music

touching! | Reviewer: Onayemi Dolapo | 7/1/09

This is another wonderful piece from a talented singer. Michael's passion and delivery of the song is inspiring.My sense of gratitude gets renewed each time i listen to GRACE.It's not by works lest any man boast, it's by his GRACE.God bless u michael.

Grace | Reviewer: Adamson - Nigeria | 3/12/09

"And all I have is all from you
And all I want is all of youIt's grace, grace
I'm nothing without you
Grace, your grace
Shines on me"

When I first listen to the song Grace, I almost cried, this is exactly my kind of song. And Michael, the way he sings it is just perfect and I want to just listen to the song all over again.

My favorite past is: | Reviewer: Robert | 12/13/07

Shines on me oh yeah shines on me shines on me I'm everything with you. It touches me because we are everything with Him, because without Him we are nothing. I love my God and I am happy to be His child. It really brings tears to my eyes when i hear the song.

Grace... | Reviewer: Pamela | 10/27/07

My favorite part is:

And all these years you've carried me
You've been my eyes when I could not see
And beauty grows in the driving rain
Your ode of gladness in the times of pain

That really spoke to my heart today... and I needed to hear that with some stuff I'm going through. The song is a bit slower than I like, but I love the words... I added it to my myspace page.


Grace | Reviewer: Lyn Wilson | 5/18/07

I love the song Grace. I love the way Michael sings it. The line that gives me trouble is:
"And I'm a fool but still you love
I'll be your fool for the king of love"
and it's only because the Bible says call no man a fool and my father would not allow this word said in our home. I just wish there was another word there beside fool.. but other than that I just love the song and I can't get it out of my head.
Lyn Wilson