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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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dis is a 'inspirational confession' | Reviewer: v khay {d inscutable} | 7/7/13

dis is worlthy to be call a worship because,is a great 'confession' which is part of forms of praise. is a message... 'Never let me go' sometime d spirit may want to stay but the fresh will be weak indeed is a mystery.

DIS SONG QUICKENS AWAKEN MY SOUL WEN EVER AM DOWN | Reviewer: Adeyemi Abigail | 5/20/13

It's obvious d breath f God is upon dis song cos whenever am down, lonely,dry,empty spiritually odawise, wen i listen 2 dis song oh! Its refreashes ma soul,its quickeneth ma heart resurcitate life in me again. Dr Micheal Smith,d breath f God wil never seize on ur life,ministy, ministation.

I think major of his songs touch my spirit | Reviewer: Skhumbuzo Haymond | 4/8/13

Mr Smith, i think GOD knows what ever he is doing, right now am just listen to your songs, i mean dairly i just listen to em, and the DRAW ME CLOSE TO YOU song tjor, it lifted me up...keep on doing it Micheal Smith

My comfort | Reviewer: kigotho kelvin | 3/10/13

This song keeps reminding me of how near I need to keep God in my life.Many are the times the living life is comprised of chellenges but Never loses Faith to This God In Heaven.Its truly a comforting song to mi God bless Smith abaduntly.

So blessed | Reviewer: Leonard Telah | 2/14/13

My 1st time to hear the song when I was in the college-webuye Mtc-Kenya when life was very hard to me. I couldn't afford enough finance to support my stay @ webuye. I used to call upon God's presence upon my life by listening to the song $ He sustained until i finished my college. Am now blessed!

Cassandra's life saver | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/12

The 1st time i heard dis song i felt lyk i ws in heaven,i felt ma hrt beats dffrnt nd it rly upliftd my sprt nd i gues it ddnt only hppn 2 me evn 2 othrz hu lv god da wy i do.M W Smith my da lrd gv u strngth 2 cary on spreading da messages of god arnd da wrld,u dersv it(applause)

God was speaking to to mi through micheal smith in this song | Reviewer: jennifer kolii | 12/10/12

Micheal,whenever i hear that song i feel that God was comforting was after my high school and i dint have school fees for university and i would always sing the song and tel God draw mi close to you n dont let mi go.and for sure he drew me close.thanks alot for accepting to be used by God to transform lives.

thanks smith for such a powerful message. | Reviewer: Naommy mwangi | 11/21/12

Smith is God choosen one to deliver such a powerful and encouraging message to Gods people.When i listen to this i just shade tears knowing how much God loves and care about me.I know no one can feat the place i have given to my creator.Smith you touch the heart o many and inspire them.God you are all i ever needed,you are all i want, help me God to you are always near me.God bless as you deliver the message.

draw me close to you | Reviewer: nwagu anthonia | 11/7/12

infact dis is one of the most wonderful inspiration i have ever experience in my life. By his song draw me close i hv this joy whenever i rememberd to sing it. Thank you michael.

Draw Me Close | Reviewer: Simon | 11/4/12

Michael, the first day I heard your song I was touched by the words,composition and it uplifted me spiritually. May God bless you abundantly for the great ministering through praise and worship.

Inspirational and Touching. | Reviewer: Maxwell Owusu Boadi | 10/28/12

The title and the words in this song touches my spirit and draw me close to Him any time i listen or play this song. I play this song anytime i want to be in spirit. I thank M.W Smith for this song God Bless him.

Draw me close | Reviewer: Paul stanley | 7/29/12

The first day i heared this song was in a bus, on my way travelling, as i was listening to this song, i was surprised when i saw tears gurshing down from my eyes, this song is capable of transforming souls, big kudos to micheal w. Smith.

Blessings | Reviewer: James Avedi | 3/18/12

For the first when i hard it playing on my dvd it was emotional. I started crying because two days before that day i was involve in a bad accident and i was down but the way God rescued me even i cant explain. The song encauraged me

Nice song | Reviewer: Bj | 3/2/12

It's a song that makes me feel at ease and cools my spirit when listened to,especially how Michael said should sing their was well segmented and beautifully sang.


Thanks to the inspiration GOD gave to Micheal W Smith for all his gospel christian worship an uplifting inspirational songs.I'm been moved bx every of his songs i look farward to hearing more of them to come nd would like to be like him someday.

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