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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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Definitely Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/09

I can't believe how many wonders God has created.
There are so many reasons to KNOW he /is/ there, and he always will be. We must know sorrows to know happiness, or happiness is nothing but a bland emotion we have yet to discover. God created us so that we weren't like robots, so he could control us however we wanted, he gave us a choice.
And that, my friend, definitely sounds like an Awesome God, to me.

Other Performers Of Awesome God | Reviewer: Forecaster | 2/5/09

Besides Rich Mullins and Michael W. Smith, there is another artist that recorded Awesome God. I have the above two recordings and would like to find the third. Does anyone have any idea who the third artist might be? Your help would bless me!

PRAISE THE LORD OUR GOD | Reviewer: joel | 2/4/09

Praise the Lord for this wonderful song ..... Its artist like Michael who have dedicated their wonderful talents for the work and praise of the lord that are the true celebs and stars.... and not the likes of brittney spears and the so called super singers who shed their clothes n stage for entertaining the people.... the lyrics are just great.. each word emphasies a lot of meaning and its all thanks to God .... as a musician this song is of my favourites......

lame | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/09

For such an awesome god, he sure doesn't do anything. Seems pretty lazy to me since he hasn't been wrathful or blood shedding for several thousand years now.

It doesn't take much might to sit on his butt all day. Awesome? Hardly.

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Angele | 1/21/09

Ok whether it is a word or not , God is awesomeness. There are many people in this world who describe themselves as awesome, but the word should be meant only to describe God because it means infinity greatness and there is nobody on this earth as great as that , ONLY GOD!!! I love this song . Michael W. Smith ROCKS!!!!

this song is all that I've always searched | Reviewer: mirado | 11/30/08

when I heard this song the first time, I was very surprised because I've never heard a song like that. this song touched me like a thunder!!!
I wanna tell his author that it's so... great, it's sound like angel's voices and songs.

He is just more than awesome! | Reviewer: Elisha Isaiah Martin | 11/14/08

This song is amazing, he's right, I meant the artist,Michael W. Smith. In every ways, our God is awesome. This song has a lot more to it then we think, we can not understand God, He can not be understood. He is a awesome. Our God is always there for us when we think He is not. He is a miraculous God.Our God is wonderful,powerful,forgiving,special,and just incredible.Our God is loving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

random thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/08

i imagine someone will have pointed this out by now, but i don't feel like looking through the many pages of reviews to see if they have, so here goes:

there is only ONE God. Christ does not refer to Satan as "the god of this world" but as "the prince of this world", and any time I've seen multiple gods referred to in Scripture, I've always caught a very sarcastic overtone. If someone else wants to quote a verse to me that doesn't have that, I'm happy to go look. anything that we put before God can be referred to as a false god, yes, but i prefer the term "idol". Still, I don't object to the use of "an", and here's why: to me, this song is about bragging rights, to which we are entitled as children of God. This song tells it to outsiders, as well as being a reminder to the family of how much we have to be thankful for. And just in case someone takes offense a the bragging rights comment, I'll add that we are supposed to sing the praises of our God for His greater glory, and it's not really bragging as long as it is for His glory, not our own, that we are speaking.

Awesome God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/08

The scriptures do not say that there are no other gods. But the various comparisons throughout the Bible point out that only the one true GOD of Isreal the LORD Almighty, is awesome. Any awe given to other gods is misplaced and false worship.

It does say that these 'gods' or idols cannot speak, hear or actually do anything except help the one who gives them honor be deceived. But it does not say that there are no other gods. As a matter fact the Scriptures and more specifically Jesus refers to Satan as 'the god of this world'.

But only one God is the LORD (translated from the Hebrew word YHWH) They called him Lord, the Name, Most High, King of heaven, and other names from nearby Isreal because it was that He was held in such awe that even pronouncing His full, real Name audibly was almost an insult.

We are blessed in this time to be able to freely pronounce verbage that indicates and will be generally understood as referring to GOD, or the LORD, or Yahweh, all meaning the LORD Almighty as in the Bible. However we should now and always treat His Name in whichever forms and language, with greatest honor and respect, not spoken lightly.

About Grammar: This whole lyric is actually a grammatical mess to start with so to try to trip over 'a' or 'an' seems a bit odd. In the English language 'an' is used prior to a noun or pronoun or adjective that starts with a vowel. "'A' is used when these other words start with a consonant. In modern English 'a' or 'an' only means one, that is singular, and is pretty much never used to indicate more than one or plural. Just one of many oddities of the English language.

Awesome God | Reviewer: Junior | 8/21/08

This song how powerful our God really is .. and sometimes with the problems and the sorrows that happens in our life we do forget it We do need to have more faith and understand that Our God can ad will make many miracles for those who believe in him .. so let us have more faith and that is it !!!!

God Awesome God | Reviewer: Peter Maiga | 8/13/08

Thank you for this beautiful,fabolous songs that remind us that our God is Awesome God,not anyone in this world,however people are trying to forget that nowdays but our God will remain awesome God.Thank you.

GOD IS REALLY AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: Elizabeth Mills | 7/22/08

People use the word awesome to mean all kinds of things now days, but only our Lord God almighty is the creator of everything. God is the real, true, awesome GOD! Thank you for this fabulous song to remind us & help us to tell the world how awesome God is! God bless us all in every great way as we walk in God's awesome light.
In Christian Love,

Awesome Is The Best Way To Describe God | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 7/22/08

Thank you for this fabulous song. People say just about anything is awesome now days. But our Lord God who created everything really is awesome! Let's remember this & share it with all we meet. God bless & take care showing love 2 all.

AN instead of A | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/08

well i trully think the song should be corrected because by AN it refers to many other gods thus for the song to be perfect it should have been renamed to "A awesome GOD" not "AN awesome GOD".That is just degrading the mighty GOD.

Grammar? | Reviewer: Tom | 6/25/08

Well, the point is not to critisize, but to interpret wisely, I mean, why The author have put "AN" instead of "A" or "THE".
Firstly I'll cope with "A", because it's easier. Our Awesome God is in fact very common in literature and in common language. Also, He is very close to us, so we are somehow allowed to use our language (if it's possible) to describe Him, and, just to indicate it, author didn't put there an artficial construction "A Awesome", but more (if I can call it that way) adapted to human beings "an awesome".
"THE" is tougher to explain, but I'll try. As I said, using "God" is very common in language, let's mention a word "Goddamn", which is still making me thik - the Polish equivalent is "do diabła" ("[I wish it'd gone] to devil") or, as an "adjective", "cholerny" ("[having something to do with] cholera"), so I, as Pole, can't understand it. On the other hand, it is quite obvious that THE GOD (or just - God, The Only One) IS Awesome, if we call THE GOD the one mentioned in church or on theology studies. And in this song author say "I hope that we have not too quickly forgotten that /our God is an awesome God"). If a priest said it, it wouldn't make sense, if we conider THE GOD. But it does make sense, if we are talking about a God from common language, a God as undefined as this article. Now, it become quite obvious why our God (the God we, common people, are "using" in everyday life) is AN awesome God.

That's ll, sorry for my mistakes, English, as I said, isn't my mother tongue

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