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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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Love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

I love this song so much it makes me really happy. It makes me happy to know that jesus will come back one day and we will be in heaven forever with God. I love singing this song at my confirmation and middle school retreats during the night at the campfire.

Great Forum | Reviewer: Chris Selby | 12/6/07

I was glad to see a discussion on the subject, including criticisms and non-believers comments. If we're not willing to listen to them when they take the time to engage us at all, why should they listen to us? I was still young when I first heard Awesome God and loved it. Now I'm an old codger and I still love it. I hope the real believers have more songs this thrilling.

As for the negative criticism on theology above, this may be one of those forums people rarely check back on after posting, but it's worth an answer. A lot of Christians distinguish very seriously between God and Jesus, but I think main-stream Christianity (which has made so many mistakes, you know: like the crusades and missionaries helping to plunder the colonies!)actually got this one right and from of all the sources--Medieval Roman Catholism!

But listen carefully. Jesus is the ultimate perfect role model and he is very humble, as in not liking to toot his own horn. He never came right out and called himself God, but when his disciples asked if they could meet the Father face-to-face. He answered them, "If you've looked me, you've looked at the Father!" Any serious Christian who doesn't understand this identity concept is either hung up on denominational doctrine or simply isn't paying attention.

The ultimate humility of God himself taking on human flesh and mixing with the thieves and harlots in order to save them just makes God more Awesome than I can discribe.

Don't forget the unbelievers aren't the Enemy; they're his victims.

God and Jesus are NOT the same thing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

Jesus shed his blood on the cross and Jesus will come back for the pure, NOT God. God gave HIS SON to die on the cross. God did not die. So the verse in the song that says "It wasn't for no reason that He shed his blood His return is very close and so you better be believing" is not correct acording to the Bible The song is still good though because GOD IS AN AWSOME GOD that's why he gave his SON.

Praise the Lord for this beautiful SONG..... | Reviewer: Shashi Catherine | 11/30/07

i love this song and it really gives me immense Joy and Happiness singing that OUR GOD IS REALLY AN AWESOME AND WONDERFUL GOD!!!!!!!!!!
am really blessed to be his child to sing this sing to him....I really loved the way its written....I hear and sing it everyday.....PRAISE BE TO GOD...

awesome is god!!! | Reviewer: marijoe | 11/21/07

i love christian songs, because everytime i heard them it really made my day good and full of spirits! this song made our God happy because HE needs praise and worship! i really love this song, this is the other way of thanking Jesus about His goodness to us in our lives!! sing this with happiness that God is really with us all the times!! thank you and God bless to my fellow christians!!!

thank you Lord for being awesome!!!

RE: awesome god | Reviewer: SOLDIER427 | 11/18/07

This song is a great song, however u have not really heard this song until u visit Fort Benning Army Infantry training brigade's sunday chapel service, the song is conveyed in a one collective voice comprised of 100+ Army recruits. The fire and the passion in there battle cries exhibited in training they are recieving have nothing on the passion and enthusiasm they exhibit in singing this song.

Stand in the Gap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

The first time I ever heard the song, Our God is an Awesome God, I was on my way to Promise Keepers Stand in the Gap meeting in Washington, DC. That was October 4th, 1998. There were approximately 1.3 million Jesus believing men there. I had traveled from Petersburgh NY. We met with some men in Fruitland MD. We traveled by van to Washington DC. On the way, we began singing Our God is an Awesome God.

After a great day, on the mall, between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, 1.3 million men began their exodus. We were stopped at the top of the stairs to the train station. Tens of thousands of us filled the streets. With nothing else to do, we began singing Our God is an Awesome God. Our voices echoed off the buildings and the hollows of the subway. It was AWESOME!

YOU BETTER GO 'HEAD!!! | Reviewer: CO-HEIR | 11/14/07

These are the words we need to hear...and stop taking the wrath of God for a joke. It's also interesting how stronger the persecution and supression is becoming for us believers, as we cannot openly celebrate our Lord without having to be watchful of lawsuits or ridicule. People are free to sit in our counsel(i.e. classrooms) and speak trash about our Almighty and we are to sit there and listen for the sake of "diversity." DIVERSITY MY FOOT! WE ARE ALL MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD! IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT HE IS COMING SOON AND ALL OF THESE THINGS WILL BE JUDGED!


God is ever good | Reviewer: Jonathan Jeter | 11/13/07

When ever I here this song it just makes me feel like I'm in an action movie, don't know why. But God just never stops loving. It also makes me want to move, praises to God hallelujah, Amen.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Lexie Lex | 11/5/07

i love this song. GOD REALLY IS AN AWESOME GOD and this song helps remind ourselves. I sing it in church every sunday ..i give credit to all of you who actually know this song is powerful and meaningful and to you others that think its stupid ... ITS NOT.

-god is an awesome god!

Thank God | Reviewer: Brian Sheridan | 11/4/07

This makes me proud to be an atheist. May god bless all of you with his thunderous fist, and may you all use your free will to do what he wants.

I have been looking for this song for such a long time! | Reviewer: Aurelia | 11/3/07

I have attended a catholic school for 8 years in total now, and 5 of them spend in the private catholic school. The 5 years I was in that catholic school, I have learned many Christian songs. But my most favorite was and still is, Awesome God.

Ever since moving away from that school 3 years ago, I have been desperatly trying to find the song, but now that I have, I listen to that song and sing it along with William Michael Smith at least 3 times a day.

I love this song, and it really reminds me how God really is an awesome God.

God is awesome. | Reviewer: KParker | 11/2/07

Oh man. This is the kind of song that makes me so proud to be Christian. And it's probably my favorite religious song out there. I listen to lots of Eminem and stuff too, but whenever I listen to this, I feel good about everything. God bless everyone.

this song helps us get pumped up for mass | Reviewer: Meghan | 11/1/07

this song is awesome!! I go to a private catholic school and this song seems to get us so pumped up about mass and about worship! Our school does dance moves to it to!

My friends were saved by this song | Reviewer: | 10/26/07

I help saved my friends witht this song it showed them what God can do for us and what He wants us to do. My friends were going the wrong way not doing the right things and they were starting to draw me away from God and Jesus and when I went to chirch on wensday they were talking about chosing the right friends and how to lead your friends to God and I was touced to here this so the next day when we got together at lunch I told them about God and Jesus and what they do for us and at first they had no idea what I was talking about so I told them come to FCA (Fellowship of Christion Athleats) with me and I'll show you so they fallowed me to the Gym and we heard christion music playing and all kinds of pray groups going on my friends turned to me and said we belive you and they said that they wanted to be saved I took them right to the pastor and told him what happened and that my friends wanted to be saved he said that he will talk to them ask them why they want to be saved and them I COULD BAPTIES THEM! I was honored to have a high privalage to baptise my own friends when the day came for them to be baptised everyone was gathered around just becuse they were shocked that a 12 year old girl was going to baptise her friends. My friends were crying that day and I was glad that they chose the right path to God.

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