Reviews for Ancient Words Lyrics

Performed by Michael W. Smith

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it so inspiring.. | Reviewer: oni jesutofunmi | 7/2/13

wen i heard dis song on ma frends fone i couldn't do anytin buh listen 2 it since den i have been tryin 2 get d lyrics buh i couldnt until i googled seached 4 it pastor smith wen i listened 2 ur song i was blessed more anointin nd God bless

blessed... | Reviewer: samuel | 7/3/13

hmm!...listening again, and again, gives me joy. Its inspires me to the ancient words... Telling people God can stiill change their situation and HE Exist . Thanks pastor smith!...God bless.

I was touched by the Holy Spirit when i heard this Song........ | Reviewer: Richard Rhule | 6/16/13

Ancient Word is a very Powerful Song that automatically connect the Believer to Christ for a super natural Blessings,healing and Soul Winning To the Kingdom Of God.......Thank You Pastor.Micheal W.Smith May the Good Lord Bless You......Am Touched.....

Ancient word,the precious word | Reviewer: Adesola victor | 6/16/13

The only word that has been before the foundation of the world,i love to listen to it all over again cos its always makes impact in my is the most suitable song for my quiet time,and i've never regret for chosing it as my best song ever.

All glory to God. | Reviewer: Christiana Aanu | 6/14/13

Waooo!! It was during a friend's wedding that i got to know this song,and ever since it has being my BEST inspirational song. A day cant go without me listening to ANCIENT WORD. Infact i was not please with myself why i could'nt get the words of the song until i google it and i now got the lyrics.Thank God for your life WILLIAMS SMITH.MORE OF GOD'S ANOINTING.YOUR SONG REALY AFFECT LIFES'.

Postor Mike is Realy Gods Messanger. | Reviewer: Moses Matey | 6/13/13

infact it was one morning about 5.00am, I got up for my usual bible reading when I decided to switch on the television, and Lo and Behold this very song was playing, I just couldn't do anything again, because it the first time I heard the song and the words were and are still inspiring anytime I heard it being played. May the Good Lord richly bless you, Pastor Mike.

A word that gives life | Reviewer: Jane Mafimisebi | 6/13/13

I got 2 knw dis song 2day, 4rm a friends phone, d song was so inspiring dat i could not stop playing and singing it. Though i was a chorister buh amongst all d song we sang there is none dat moves a soul dan dis. This song gave me hope of life. Thnks Micheal Smith. God bless u.

A must listened to, a song. | Reviewer: Gabriel Oluwaseun | 6/13/13

I had been listening to this song quite long ago nt until one day when i was doing my quite time, being dat i love dis song i was equaly playing this song underneath. on d long run, it was as interpretation to d bible i was reading telling me d ancient word is stil here impacting life... ds s realy a inspired song 4rm GOD for ds generation.. SO MUCH LOVE IT.

The word ever true | Reviewer: Charity Effiong | 6/12/13

i frist time i heard this song in one of our programme, i heard a voice telling me that this word is still chaning things in our generation. This word gives hope, it gives life, it give strength, there are some hidden treasures in this anicient word. Each time i listen to this song my spirit is renew, thank you Micheal W. Smith

The Best Ever... | Reviewer: Akinola Oluwarotimi Goodluck | 6/8/13

The very first time I heard this song, I didn't took it serious, maybe it was because I was not in the Spirit then. But I tell U anytime I am in d Spirit and I listened to dis Song. Waooooooh, it is going to be another different ball game entirely. This song has really added alot to my life positively. I didn't even know that it was not Don-Moen that composed d song. But I heard it first from one of his songs. It was when I went to Google to get the lyrics of the Song that I got to know who sang the song. Thanks to Don-Moen and Michael W Smith. May God continue to renew ur strength IN JESUS NAME AMEN. Thanks to Jesus for the sacrifies He paid, for this book to be handed down to our Age. I Love U my Darling Saviour...

a highly inspirational song | Reviewer: asuquo effiong mkpanam | 6/8/13

this songs has been a source of inspiration to me and each time i listen to this song it revives my spirit man and it gives me a deeper revelation and understanding of Gods ancient words that has never failed to work for us till now. Ever effective, ever powerful, ever working, and ever living word of God.

Word that became man and lives in man | Reviewer: Emmanuel Ruth | 6/7/13

The first day I heard this song,I felt a new spirit in me and Each time i listen to it I feel elevated indeed in the begining was the word and the word was God. God bless you pastor Smith...

Acient words will in need guide us home.|Reviewer:blessing monday akpan|5/22/13 | Reviewer: BLESSING MONDAY AKPAN | 6/6/13

I was in a church programme wen dey sang dis song,i felt lyk im d holy spirit i was so moved wit dis song of life ,each tym i play dis song in d morng before leavin d house my day always look perfect nd blessed. thank you micheal w.smith for inspirind a song of life nd a song of hope in my life.

What an inspiring song! | Reviewer: Dignity Inyang | 6/5/13

From the first day i heard this song in my cousin's phone, i couldn't let it go till a day like today and i'm not sure i'll ever let it go. It's a song that touches my spirit and i like playing it every morning and before i go to bed. God bless you Pastor Michael Smith for this one and my God continue to strengthen you, Amen!

The Word that becomes flesh... | Reviewer: Samuel Abiodun, Lagos, Nigeria | 6/3/13

All my life as a member of choir, never hav I ever feel God through songspirations on the day Ancient Word was first sung by my church choir. It draws me closer to His word and makes me fill d word transforming into flesh as if I cud hold d promises of God right there where I stand. great Job, Smith...

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