Reviews for Ancient Words Lyrics

Performed by Michael W. Smith

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Ubong Sunday | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/13

This song is truely anointing carrier. When you key your faith into it your life changes immediately. The first time I heard this I was move in the spirit. May Blessed Micheal Smith.

The song "Ancient word" is a wonderful song | Reviewer: UDEME AMANAM UDOH | 8/8/13

The Watering down of the word of God and our words we try to form will not help us end well(heaven); rather the Ancient word will show us the Ancient path which God have always wanted us to follow(Jeremiah 6:16 and Isaiah 62:10). Pastor M. Smith God bless you real good.

changin me | Reviewer: Osamu Austin (benin) | 8/7/13

I feel so changed, jst as it said changing me nd changing u. I am transformed beyond human imagination, wen i heard it i ws blessed nd changed, now evrytin is changed 4 me. I feel like speaking in tongues rit nw. God bless u pastor Michael W Smith. U r beta dan d best

UNBELIEVABLE ANOINTING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/13

This song carries so much anointing. The first time i heard this song, i was really transformed in my spirit. May God bless and continue to inspire Michael W. Smith. SHALOM!!! From Dave Bunuju, Benin-City, Nigeria.

ancient word | Reviewer: ilutonmihi michael | 7/28/13

Infact the first time i heard this song i fell in love with it and is spiritually filled. Infact ancient word is my best song ever. God bless michael smith and increase him in d name of jesus.

What awesome ancient words | Reviewer: Yemisi | 7/27/13

The first tym i heard the song,i fell in love totally with the tune cos its a solemn one.when i listened 2 d lyrics,i just couldnt help thanking God for his ancient words.God bless Micheal.W.Smith.

AWESOME | Reviewer: UCHE CHIBUIKE G. from NIGERIA | 7/25/13

Each time I listen to this song, I really really feel the impart of the ancient word. The inspiration that this song carries gets me edified each time i listen to it. I pray that the ancient word himself will continue inspiring you to write more edifying song as this. God bless you.

A song for our spiritual upliftment | Reviewer: ugoala ezinne jessica | 7/25/13

'i have come with open hearts, let the ancient words impart my life.'Whenever i sing or listen to this song is as if am communing with christ, tank you lord for using pastor micheal smith to reach out to the world through songs.

The encounter of the powerful role play by music is found in Ancient Word song | Reviewer: Peter Tanko Ali Nigeria | 7/23/13

The encounter of the powerful role play by music is found in Ancient Word song. May God reviewl to you the more of his word Pastor M W Smith. This song has been a soul touch from the day I heard it. Yes God's words are ever truelly words of truth. Changing me, every one and helping me and everyone to cope and giving me and everyone strength even in this darkest and wicked generation. I have come with open heart let the ancient word impart

Im blessed | Reviewer: Evang. S.F. Dotonu | 7/20/13

Honestly im blessed, really really blessed anytime i listen to dis song,the harmony,the voice textures,instrumentals and most especially the inspiration the song carries, and all the invisible unexplainable touch of the holy spirit, i bless God for your life MAN OF GOD.

Ever True...! | Reviewer: Oluwatobi Paul | 7/16/13

"Ancient Word ever true...o let the ancient word impart"...I first heard this lines clearly when a minister sang the song before commencing his sermon. Ever since then I'v alwayz moved from glory to glory in the study of His WORD...a big thank u to pastor MWS. God bless u sir..!

ANCIENT WORD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/13

Thank God for His ancient word that brought light, life, civilization and transformation to mankind... If not for this word we would have been in d darkest part of the world... Thank you Lord for d illumination that comes through ur word. I love this song so much, its powerful and inspiring.

ancient word | Reviewer: ola caleb | 7/16/13

sincerely i must confess dis song motive me spiritually.d 1st tym i had d song my spirit was moved nd up till nw i still listen 2 d song nd am blessd spiritually.thank God 4 past smith lyf.more anointin sa.

THE INSPIRATION OF "ANCIENTS WORD" WONDERFUL. | Reviewer: Aloysius Jnr. | 7/15/13

The song Ancients word has created an impact in many lifes, has a testimony have been inspired with the song and i love singing, not only singing it but meditate through the Holy Spirit and the GREAT INSPIRATION with the WORD of LIFE.

hossana in heaven | Reviewer: Joshua Diogu | 7/13/13

i thank God becouse he has preserved men like pst Michael & Smith who will communicate his mind to this generation through songs. Each time i listen to this song my spirit gets lifted its not just a song but God inspired

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