Reviews for Ancient Words Lyrics

Performed by Michael W. Smith

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What a great impart | Reviewer: Faith Ogbole | 3/29/14

My sincere prayer is that THESE ANCIENT WORDS WILL CONTINUE TO GUIDE MICHAEL W. SMITH So that he wont be like those gospel artists that have gone astray. The song is powerful it is touching my spirit, soul and body am playing it from my phone right now. Oh GOd pls bless Michael W. Smith let nothing make him deviate or get discouraged in name of Jesus Christ

Ancient words- soul touchy and life changy! | Reviewer: David Awajiowa | 3/24/14

Am not surprise of what the ever quintessential powerful word of God can do in the life of any christian believer; who passionately sing or listen to this ever thrilling song with all zeal and zest. May His blessings be upon producer(s).


Hearing this song is bringing heaven on earth. since the first time i heard it the lyrics and rythm has never cease to sting my eyes with passionate tears,in a sense that its si spiritual anh heavenly certified.

The holy word of ancient age is newest of all,superceed all words. | Reviewer: Terry kighir | 3/20/14

The bible,word of God which is older than all is preserve and give life to the lifeless and hope to the hopeless.when i listen to it i feel God should revive all soul to worship him in truth and in spirit.

An heaven open song | Reviewer: Richard elchay | 3/5/14

Since i heard d song no my uncle's phone i fill lyk am in heaven my spiritual lyf bcame strong even wen my choir sang d song in my church,see how pipu bgins crying with dis song they heard.i lov it.

God's love its realy changing | Reviewer: Ekeh joshua | 2/24/14

The word is jesus GOD'S love for us. he is realy changy no mater hw it look he can change it. it is this word that brought every thing into existence.the word is holy nd doesnt chang or corrupt neither does it contact is spirit an immotal is the word of GOD.

What an inspiration! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/14

Never heard anything so touching and inspiring like those beautiful words that made up the lyrics of this heavenly song "Ancient Word" and the tune is equally amazing. Nice one from the Throne of Grace by Michael W. Smith.

l luv the song | Reviewer: Austinewhite | 2/10/14

Ever since i heard this song been played by Michael . w. Smith. Am so happy when i play the song i feel free in any thing i do and when am weak when i heard the song i came strong again

Soul Lifting! | Reviewer: Omenka M. Crown | 2/8/14

This song uplifts my soul. I feel like singing it and again. I Love this song. I Love Michal W. Smith. I Love Jesus my Saviour. I Love God whose ancient word is the latest word. I Love the Holy Spirit my closest friend!

A life saving song | Reviewer: Damilare | 2/2/14

The very moment I heard d song frm my daughter's phone, I told her to send it to my phone and eversince it has been my ringingtone. My last son loves the song and he said each time he hears the song, he always feel like crying. Its a life changing song. Its full of ministration!!

heard this for first time recently while visiting relatives | Reviewer: carolyn tull | 1/31/14

Heard a pastor sing it at Sunday night service and it was so sweet and so pure! It stirred my heart sooo much!! Thank you God for people who hear your voice and write such awesome words of praise!

To God Be The Glory | Reviewer: Lubanzi | 1/28/14

Wow , Wow , Thank you Michael W. Smith for such a beautiful song . As i'm listening , i'm seeing the beauty , the love of our wonderful and Holy Father . Wow Jesus , where else can I find this joy i have now!! Thank you Heavenly Father for your love.

I said ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/14

Infact others have commented on ur song,bnd i want to say that it has really changed and transformed my life totally,and encouraged me to keep on pressing towards the mark and i want to say may God bles you and ur family amen. Gift Michael.

mr | Reviewer: shedrach | 1/21/14

I love this song, is a song that impact life, a song that make one faith to be strong in the lord, lord give me idea to compose song that wil impact life as this person did his own God.

I feel God's presence in this music | Reviewer: vivian odetayo | 1/20/14

may the ancient word that is long preserved and resounded with God's own heart change us from all our evil smith God bless u and ur family, and i pray that the ancient word will see u through ,i so much love this music and never get tired of listening to it.

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