Reviews for Ancient Words Lyrics

Performed by Michael W. Smith

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It encourage me,there's more hope ahead | Reviewer: Gloria | 10/30/13

I love this song a lot when I use to sing in my choir and can never forget anytime I listen to it or sing it gives me more faith.i will one day sing in front of a lot of people waiting for that blessed day The Lord has made,then after uni am going back to join my choir

inspiring worship | Reviewer: winnie ijeoma | 10/30/13

ANCIENT WORDS: dats really wat d word of God s bt d only difference s dat it s eva true,ds song opened my eyes to another aspect of God's word dat av neva noticed before. Its realy an inspiring track

ancient world | Reviewer: chidiebere Ajike | 10/28/13

since i heard this sing,it help my spirital life and i have much inspiration because word of God is true and i believe the ancient word will change me and everything around me,in jesus name Amen

A word that is always refreshed. | Reviewer: Emeagwara chimnaecherem | 10/29/13

Each time i listen to this songs it makes me to remember that there is a soul needed to be revived.Ancient words we are talking about today is d (BIBLE), telling us that whenever we read this word it reminds us that we should be conscious of time on earth so as to (HEED TO THE ANCIENT WORDS).

Every traveller GUIDE | Reviewer: Matthew Olu | 10/24/13

Ancient words, the travellers' guide, the sailors and pilots' compass. We need it every second, minute, hour, day, week, month year and while life lasts.
How many so called evangelists sing today to make ends meet.
Ancient words, all the world need to come out of present confusion, frustration and despondency.
God bless u WILLIAM W SMITH.

Forever true word | Reviewer: Eddie James | 10/21/13

D first time i ever heard diz song,i felt xo inspired...n i knw too well dat diz song is really inspired by d spirit of God Himself,i never feel tired listening to it.No ancient word lasts like The Bible, and the Bible is d only book whose author is always present whenever we read it...oh ancient words guide our works in diz world n guide us home as well.More Grace Michael W. Smith,am proud of gospel artistes like u.

Spiritually filled song | Reviewer: NWAGU PETER O. | 10/14/13

It's really an ancient word. All books informs but the ancient word informs, reveals and transforms. John 6:63 says the words of God quickeneth, is spirit and they are life. I don't do without the word on account that it empowers me always. Meditate day and night, never cease meditating. Thank God for this spirit filled song. I thank u also M.W. Smith. God Bless u and all the partarkers of the ancient words.


this an inspiration, every minister, every christain should have d lyrics of this song @ d tip of his/her lips. Let no man remove d ancient landmark, no matter how wonderful we sing if we do not sing the word of God, in vain is our remedation.

Truth cant be manipulated! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/13

Truth is d best gift to a friend. It is bitter and sweet. Nothing deliveres like truth. And ye shall no d truth and truth shall make u free. This song makes the WORD of God infallible. I love this so so much!

Old Time Religion | Reviewer: Princess Anita Bernard | 10/1/13

Its ancient words indeed. No true believer can survive this age without going back to the old landmark. I love ancient words,its life changing for me and reminds me of & brings me back to the cross each time i am straying away. God bless the writer of ANCIENT WORDS.IT MAKES ME LOVE GOD THE MORE. I LOVE U.

A word of hope,healing,transformation & faith in God | Reviewer: Godhouse warri | 9/29/13

This is not just a song,but the word of God,it changes us,transform us,it gives life,hope,healing,joy & peace to my soul.whenever i hear this song it brings the presence of God upon us in GodHouse warri.peace.

COMFORT and DESIRE for the KINGDOM OF GOD | Reviewer: cadet. Asubop Gideon E | 9/28/13

this song is a true defination of the holy words and teachings of GOD through HIS son JESUS CHRIST. If one should listen and accept the melody, rythme and wordings of this song, he alone would be saved and healed by the special love of JESUS. Believe me a music like this should be spread to those who believes in JESUS CHRIST. (old jerusalem) peace be us.... AMEN!

soul calming song | Reviewer: Twitike Kaonga | 9/25/13

What a song! It actually has power to make me close my eyes, lift my hands and sing along. May God continue to be praised through this song. Yes, only the word can change me and you!

Frank-Modest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/13

I have always humed this song whenever I hears it
It gives me joy and I feels Heavenly glory. Now that I have learned the Lyrics my joy is complete because I am blessed by the by the ANCIENT WORD, a Word that ís long preserved and was made flesh. My prayer ís as many as listens to the Ancient Word, may this word dwell fresh among them.

Ever new is the word of GOD | Reviewer: peter | 9/22/13

I've been hearing this several time, but when i heard it today when someone was playing it on phone, I was moved as if I never hear the song before, May the spirit of God interpret the content of the song in every heart. God bless every soul that listen to this song and God bless you M. W SMITH

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