Reviews for Ancient Words Lyrics

Performed by Michael W. Smith

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Heaven Sings This Song | Reviewer: Olomo Segun Cyril | 9/10/13

Well,I heard the song once and liked it....and some three months later I slept and in my dream kept hearing this song been sang for hours over and over again,don't really know what and why it happened but did the same when I woke up,tried downloading it but my fiancee had it so googled and studied the God is really good.Lord,thank you for Micheal Smith.

ancients words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/13

ancient words i need you to guide every aspect of me. Take all of me. Jesus thank you for sacrificing yourself for me. Use me Jesus christ of Nazareth. Let the ancient words impart my life.

Foursquare choir | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/13

Ancient words are words that give life to the lifeless,hope to the hopeless,strength to the weak and so many more. Only if we shall open up our hearts to these ancient words, then it will guild us home (heaven).

Life changing | Reviewer: Oladapo Daniel | 9/6/13

Ancient words is a song which unvails the wisdom of God to mankind(JESUS CHRIST) as it was said 'ancient word ever true changing me nd changing you' this word is referd to Jesus as in John1:1 God bless Michael Smith nd move His ministry Forward in Jesus name,AMEN.:-)

comment | Reviewer: okolo chukwuka joshua | 9/6/13

This is the first time I am listening to a song and cried. This song I believe was written by the Holy Spirit Himself to this generation. I just can't imagine how that day will be. Let the acient impart on our lives.

God's ways are not man's ways | Reviewer: Abia | 9/5/13

I'm intrigued by M. W. Smith's piece may God bless you and continue to use you in these last days. God's words is the gateway to higher ways to guarantee a glorious end; higher ways give you a hope and a future,higher ways make the end better than the beginning. Man's ways may appear easy & shorter but it is usually with great short-sightedness. Man would rather act in the spur of the moment and ignore important details that would guarantee a happy ending. That is why G o d' s w a y s g i v e y o u a n e x p e c t e d e n d . Oh ancient words guide us home.

Words of life,words of hope, | Reviewer: Nataneal Olamide | 9/3/13

Anyone who hear this song and never listen to the words i beg u try to listen to words, there was a words that caught my attention the words is words of life,words of hope, dat really change my mood and when the i hear it finish holy spirit come upon me,and am very sure if our youth in Nigeria can hear this kind of song there life will kindly change coz d song is a song of spirit. The Most High will continue to bless Micheal W. Smith in JESUS name.

Living word | Reviewer: Samuel Shutt | 9/2/13

Ancient word,is a word of hope to every christian on the surface of the earth.I was sleeping while dreaming of the song,though it was on my mobile I never took time to listen to it,until that dream came nd God thought me the song.GOD BLESS you M W Smith

Love for ancient word | Reviewer: Olatuyi Rolake | 8/30/13

I appreciate God for d inspiration given to Composer of dis wonderful song.Dis song had blez my live tremendously,Ancient words are words we need to keep us well routed in d love n way of d love. It wil guide our footsteps.I tank God for d lyrics,av been on search for it for long.Micheal W.Smith God blez u...

NEVER ENDING | Reviewer: Enock Kaburu | 8/23/13

Tha song just speaks of tha ancient words that comfort at heart and one feels strengthened. More being a committment it speaketh at the core soul.Thanks Mike n God to help you minister again and more

GOD REALLY WORK MIRACULOUSLY | Reviewer: Omodunbi David | 8/22/13

This has been a good help to others that have left the path of the righteousness to come back to their Lord who has shed his blood to revived them the power of hell and sin. This really touch heart of people so much to the extend that they give their lives to Krist. God bless you. The man of God. Dont worry Heaven is our home where we will sit will krist.

the onlyspirit | Reviewer: popoola babatunde Joseph | 8/21/13

the spirit of thy Lord Jesus Christ Never died in the Life of Michael w smith and he will preach the word of God for Ever more in jesus Name becaus the song move me so much and take me another rem

Power | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/13

This song carrys God's breath and it's able to revive an individual even when d he/she is down,we all need d ancient word to preserve us 4 d son glorious coming.This song is so powerful and it have d ability to make alive what have been death.This song also posses d strength to move some1 frm 0 to heroe,i'm in luv with dis song thank u Jesus...

noting is ever true as the ancient words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/13

the first time i heared the song, i was moved by the tune and now i have the lyrics, i sing it almost every day.

noting is ever true as the ancient word.

thank you Micheal Smith

Song of transformation, ancient words | Reviewer: Elohor Gabriella Uruigo | 8/16/13

When i heard this song from my brother i loved the song, its so touching we really need the ancient words to change our lives, our families, our communities every one in the society. God bless u michael .W. Smith

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