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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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Never forget this message! | Reviewer: Margie Haley | 12/20/08

I first heard this song in conjunction with Frank Peretti's story of Christmas in July, "All Is Well," and really loved it. What wonderful assurance that our Lord is in control! The song is perfect, and we're singing it in our Christmas program this year, too. There are many, especially in these hard times, who need to hear that message. Because Jesus died, ALL IS WELL!

Gave Me Peace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

My mother suffered a massive stroke on Christmas Eve 2005. With no hope, we sat by her side until she passed away at 5:30am. At about 5:15am, just minutes prior to her passing, there was a re-broadcast of a Christmas Concert. This song was performed by a boys choir and was so incredibly beautiful and moving. I was finally feeling a sense of peace over me as the stress of the past 14 hours began to fade. Still struggling as to whether or not my mother was a Christian. I felt as if God was telling me, All Is Well. I thank the Lord for such talent that can be used a messenger to deliver such peace.

All is truely well. | Reviewer: Nicolas Andrew Begley | 7/19/07

I have struggled as any other human being in course of this temporal existence here on earth. This song of all songs me ears first listened to in early December of 2006. It touched my heart and soul when I came to recognize the omnipresence of my savior's redemptive power to restore me. I affirm we must release to the world our passionate declaration that He was born in a manger, dwelt among us, and became the substitutionary sacrifice for us at Calvry's cross. "All is well in the hands of God" said the ninteenth-century English minister Charles Spurgeon of Old. Verily the hands of God streched forth from Heaven and descended to our habitation on this earth to become as we are to redeem us as the Old Testement prophecies fortold. God Bless all who read this and know that all is well because He was born and conquered the grave itself.

beautiful | Reviewer: | 4/6/07

I was going through a very difficult time. One
night I was sitting in the living room thinking of
my situation and really hurting and all at once this
song started playing in my heart. I had last heard it
at Christmas time but it was as though angels were singing
it to me, All is well. It healed me and brought me hope. Thank You!

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