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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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May Jesus Be Praised | Reviewer: Susi | 1/5/10

May Jesus Be Praised.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, Michael W. Smith, for allowing Him to use you to write this beautiful worship song. May the Holy Spirit reveal who Jesus is to every singer and to everyone who hears this song, both the saved and unsaved. Amen.

MIGHTY LORD | Reviewer: Molebogeng | 8/21/09

I must say, many are called but few are chosen. Micheal w. Smith has just made it clear to us that you can search for eternity but you will never find the one who touches human's heart like the LOVE OF GOD!!

Beffiting our Almighty God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/09

Jehovah our God is above all. This song will from now serve as a way worship for me and in expressing my complete awe at the majesty of Jehovah, and my adoration for him. Jehovah is greater than all, and his majesty surpasses our comprehension. God bless you all.

above all | Reviewer: Bgum | 2/23/09

was really touched by this song and keeps on playing it whenever i am logged onto my machine. imagining a picture when a rose trample on the ground, that`s how u fell, carrying that cross on your shoulders. why all this? "the thought of me " so that i would be saved. what a loving Jesus you are. Michael i would like to thank u so much for being the vessel of our dear God so that u preached the love of God through such a lovely, touching song. love u

your sacrifice | Reviewer: Wendy | 12/28/08

I just want everyone to know God sent his Son Jesus who took our place at the cross, there is no greater love than that. This song really touched my life and make me open my eyes, I will sing this everyday to remind me of what Jesus did for us. I love you Lord Jesus, I pray many come to you lord with songs like theses. Thank you Michael W Smith, God Bless you.

love of god within us | Reviewer: Patrick Mupanda | 11/16/08

This is one of my favorite song, I never heard an helped soul comes to this song, It remenber me how much God being loving us and How much love his holly son Jesus show to us, he didn't expect us being healed in hell,I know that he never does for a while but For eternity. "romans10:9 make our faith strong,
That if you confess with your mouth the lord jesus
and believe in your heart that god has raised him from the dead,you will be saved. thank you God for leadind your singer Michael W.smith to sing this song. God bless everyone.

Above All! | Reviewer: Edna | 2/6/08

God is really good in His own Time & Purpose. Yes, when 2 or 3 gathered together in my Name, I am in your midst. God is able to make all grace abound to you. Whoever lives in Love lives in God (1John 4:16)AMEN! The Father, the Word (JESUS), and the Holy Ghost . . . these 3 are 1. (1John5:7)

Above All | Reviewer: marya | 1/27/08

This is one of my favorite songs. The first time i heard, i really loved it. I encourage everyone, who has a chance to hear, go for it. I and a three other girls will be singing it in our church sometime in march. Tank you Michael W. Smith, for everything you've done to have this song out in the world. Enjoy.

Inspirational | Reviewer: Josie | 1/22/08

This is a very inspirational song. It's very beautiful and it seems to say it all in just a few verses. It's amazing that in a 3-4 minute song we learn what our Savior went through in his life and the sacrifices he made for us. God Bless the writer that God inspired to write it and God Bless those that perform it. And God Bless those that hear it.

Great! | Reviewer: Ace | 1/8/08

I love this song along with Great is our LORD! Im in a band and we're going to sing this song on January 20th! I'm excited!!

AMAZING | Reviewer: don't need to know | 1/3/08

this song is amazing!!! i love it and i challenge anyone who is doubting their faith to listen to this song and see if it isn't completely restored!! and i dont care who wrote it or sang it... its great and God bless them all!!! and God bless everyone!

Never Rejected | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/07

I'm happily remarried now. Several years ago I went through what I would call a devestating divorce. He flat out told me he didn't love me. About a month later while I was still grieving uncontrollably wondering how I as a Christian could be going through something like this I heard this song. THe line "He lived to die rejected and alone." hit me. Jesus was despised rejected by men and his own father God (abba) has he prayed once. I realized that I would never be that rejected. Talk about a living hell Jesus lived it. But because of the fact he lived it I won't have to. I will never be as rejected as Jesus was. Thank you Jesus

Above all | Reviewer: Aubree | 12/15/07

I'm 13 years old, and I love this song. It shows that we dont deserve anything. We dont deserve being saved. It is because of us that Jesus died, and now God offers us eternal life! and FORGIVNESS!!! Jesus forgave us! He's done it all! All we have to do is except it! He could have hated us, but his last thought was unspeakable love. For me and you. Thank you, Michael. God has given you an incredible gift. Merry Christmas everyone! Numbers 6:24-26

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

I am a 11 year old who sings this song all the time. It really inspires you and the lyrics are just buetiful. This song shows you how much god loves everyone. It also encourages me to stay out trouble at school and stick to gods way. Thanks so much Michael for performing this song.

Lenny LeBlanc & Paul Baloche | Reviewer: Josh | 10/10/07

Just a question to anyone who has posted already... You do know that Michael W. Smith did not write this song, right? He's just performing it. It was written by Lenny LeBlanc & Paul Baloche in 1999. Just thought you'd be interested to know.

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