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Performed by Michael W. Smith

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He went through all of that to create His church | Reviewer: marie | 11/27/11

The Lord created His church. Mathew 16 V 18. He told his disciples to preach the gospel. And those who believe are saved. Marc 16 V 15 - 16. The gospel saves, and the gospel is: 1 st Corinthians 15 V 1-5.
Jesus started His church on the day of pentecost. With His own doctrine but nowadays we all deviate from what is the gospel. We all hold different names. Each one of us serve the Lord like we want to. Our lord did teach us how to praise, how to serve him. touched me the first i heard it | Reviewer: DENNIS M BRATHWAITE | 10/30/11

I Have never sang in front of an audience before but i reckon i could sing this song i love it both the music and the lyrics do you think michael would mind me singing it at my church? it really touched me the first time i heard it, where can i get the music to sing along to whilst practicing

Above All - Smith | Reviewer: Jonathan | 6/29/11

I haven't been able to see and listen again, the version of the song with the concluding part
"keep on blessing me
over and over and
over and over and
over and over again
over and over and over
and over and over and
over again above all
above all"

I heard it once on Radio and can't find it on the internet. Could anyone help me out.

your my savior | Reviewer: jestoni piloton | 4/25/11

being alive in this world is gift from God and being his child is the only thing i want and to be with him but at first i live and choose to be part in this world and enjoy what world can give into me but the time past when God take action for me to know him and to be with him,.//when i encounter Jesus Christ personally every thing has change i feel that my old life has gone and the new life has come.,.,

thank u lord for the change that u have given to me and for the forgiveness that i have receive from u./,/

Jesus christ is the only savior and redeemer,.

God bless to all and may the blessing of be with u always, into the well of our father.,

Another Response to Another Michael | Reviewer: Another Theologian | 4/22/11

I with all due respect to your sincerety, I disagree with your analysis of the two major images "took the fall" and "thought of me above all".

Taking the fall does not imply shared guilt. The "fall guy" is most often an innocent victim who is framed. Jesus did "take the fall" for the sin of Adam and Eve as well as for the sins of the rest of us.

Your second comment is more blasphemous than what you accuse the real Michael of. To imply that Jesus' sacrificial death was "was a transaction solely between the Father and the Son, without regard for the those who would be the recipients of the blessing of the completed work" is one of the most blaspemous statements I have ever heard. You are denying the entire purpose of God's love for His creation! Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit as triune God "thought of me (us) above all" throughout the entire history of man, and most specifically at the time of the Passion. MWS's imagery in this refrain is both theologically sound and poetically beautiful. As I write this on Good Friday, I thank MWS for such a spriritually powerful song of contrition, praise and thanksgiving.

Response to another Michael | Reviewer: Another retard | 4/9/11

I can't believe I'm dignifying the previous post's writer with a response ("Another Michael - Above All Change The Words"). Dude, you're a fucking retard. Get a life. There's got to be something more to living than critiquing ancient worship song lyrics on an obscure comment/message board. You should consider seeking psychiatric help, bro.

Above all, CHANGE THE WORDS! | Reviewer: Another Michael | 4/7/11

ABOVE ALL – CHANGE THE WORDS! Music has the capacity to massage messages into the mind, and those messages shape perceptions. This fact should drive Christian songwriters to agonize over the accuracy of word choice in lyrics.

In the chorus of the popular song, “Above All,” the message is one of blasphemy and self-exaltation, no matter how inadvertent.

Consider the phrase, “You took the fall.” The denotative meaning is nonsensical, therefore the connotative meaning comes into play by default. That makes Jesus Christ a fall guy, a patsy, deceitfully taking on Himself the sentence of another, who escapes punishment as long as the fraud is not discovered. The guilt not only remains on the one, but is shared by the other. This phrase, to take the fall, is a slang term related directly to crime syndicates, and has no other context. In popular usage, it carries the same implications. Its foundation and fabric is falsehood, and to attribute such to the Savior is nothing short of blasphemy.

Next, consider the assertion that He “...thought of me above all.” The work the Father sent Him to accomplish, the work of the cross, the work of salvation, was a transaction solely between the Father and the Son, without regard for the those who would be the recipients of the blessing of the completed work. Jesus Christ thought only of the glory of the Father in the salvation work. To elevate the singer of the words to the place of supreme importance in the mind of Christ on the cross diminishes the power of the cross to a mere man-centered exercise.

Beginning with “...Like a rose,” substitute:

Lamb of God, beaten, mocked and crowned,
You bore the wrath, now You reign, above all.

I'm a child of God | Reviewer: Lebo | 11/17/10

A friend introduced me to the song when i was falling into pieces. i had just been backstabbed at work and i felt my world was falling apart, hearing this song reminded me of the one that loves beyond measures, the one who stands by me when the world turns against me. God bless Michael W Smith.

He Took the Fall | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/10

I heard this about two years ago, and it's has been such a Blessing to my life. This Is one of the Best, God Bless you Michael W. Smith. If God had not took the fall, I would not be saved and redeemed today. We sometimes forget to think on these things, But you did Michael, your song says it all.

Roz Fowler

GOD | Reviewer: matt | 10/5/10

We are here on the is earth not to live for God but because of God. He sent his only Son to die on the cross. God has given me so many blessings and I just can't thank him enough for everything he has done. Everything on this earth that we do has a purpose. I hope that one day, I can say to him, "here am I, send me"
God Bless to all

your grace | Reviewer: Kuuare Philibert | 8/26/10

There is nothing to be reviewed.Mich, keep on the good work you are doing;infact u are wining many souls 4 Christ.When i don't listen to your songs for a day i'm not always of my self.Please Mich i will be grateful to communicate with you live if you make your line available to me.I have also tried to get the lyrics of the song 'YOUR GRACE' from the net and to no avail.Hoping to hear from you.

Because of your Love. | Reviewer: Cilma Nero | 7/28/10

LOrd you have open a window of opputunity for many sinners to repent my dear GOD. I wish that people can realized that we are living in a sinnical world and this world is not ours. Life is a gift and we all must cherish it. Nobody is perfect and came to realized that when i let the Lord into my life and oh its a wonderful feeling to be covered in the blood of jesus.

chintu` | Reviewer: stephen | 7/19/10

I'm a guy with lots of mistakes inside, born unperfect, thought to live perfect, but its rly not possible to live perfect on this earth, i always lived ma life against to him and i became a friend of Devil, Devil pushed me so far away from my saviour Jesus Christ. Addicted to wordly things and filled with dirty minds, when i heard my fav song Above All i teared then i realised what im missing, but he never forsaken me, i kneen down and i pary to ma living God then i feel like i was made new from head to toe..!
thank you for listen to me..!

love you all

God Bless youu.!!

Michael w smith you have made me believe through ur worship song | Reviewer: Daniel from south africa | 5/1/10

I got to confess that i have known that am gay for a long time back but jesus through michael w smith you change me am now am born again i am the son me god when i hear your song it rehabilitates me and make me realise that with jesus all is possible and that i have changed am now the son of god and i realised that jesus didnt dies for up not to be sinners but to be cleansed from sin jesus open the eyes of my heart lord i want to see you ur holly holly lord i dedicate to any one to go and read ephiesians chapter 1 vers 11 and 12.

His abundant love | Reviewer: Jennifer | 4/19/10

I cried the day i heard this hymn at mass, i was so sad that what Jesus did for us that day at calvary, and i madeup my mind to stop sinning, right then and there,it was too inhuman to see our heavenly father falling under the weight of that cross, only thinking of us and our salvation, i want this song to be played every sunday when i go to church so it will remind me not to sin anymore. Praise the Lord.

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